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What's been happening.....?

PDC Womens series - Milton Keynes:

My roller coaster of form meant that this event was a little disappointing to me. I played some good games and some downright embarrassing games.

I knew there were some quite important people attending this weekend. Darts sponsors and people who could spread the word were present, so I really wanted to perform well. I came away feeling really deflated. The signs are still there, that I can still play...... this spurs me on.

Local Ladies League - Morecambe

Quite a topsy turvey season for the Hurley Bandits as the usual league structure we'd always played and either Won or come runners up in, this time involved just 1 leg of darts with the addition of dominoes.

I openly admit that I am a darter so going out of an evening to play just one leg, straight off still keeps me playing but not as much, as you don't get as much practice when playing Best of 3 (previously was double off) I can play dominoes but would rather be playing darts. However, Hurley Bandits are a team and have been together for many years. We are there to support and encourage everyone. Our team ended up Runners Up in the league this time.

On a personal note I won the Morecambe Ladies Ton Up cup with having the most Tons in the one legged games over the season. I won the Outstanding player competition and myself and partner Lee Knight retained our Mixed Pairs title for the 4th/5th time (beating some cracking local partnerships I hasten to add).

I can't wait until our presentation night on 21th June so we can all celebrate our successes.

Lancashire - County darts

Talk about successes.....there is nothing more successful that a squad of players whom have grown, traveled and battled together to become Back-to-back UKDA Premiership CHAMPIONS.

Following a 6.0 victory by our Saturday ladies I was first up on the Sunday to hopefully start off a similar result. I got the win I craved - it was far from my best but it was a point towards retaining the Overall title.

**I do not own the rights to the music in the above video**

In respect of What's Happening......

With my darts - I have no idea but I will try to play through the slump. My mental game is really affecting my physical game (If anyone has any tips on overcoming this please drop me a message).

And what better way to try to get my game back than to play some of our top, local men in the Morecambe Cricket club Premier League best of 8. I currently remain undefeated.

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