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Dartcation imminent

7th March saw me head back to where it all began many years ago... The Isle of Man. It is such a beautiful place with plenty of darting competitions for your money. This place holds a very memorable place in my heart. It was quite emotional. Hopefully after a little break, I will be back.

I left IOM 2024 with a Quarter final and Semi final under my belt, but still with my throw being so forced, erratic and unnatural.

I was pipped 3.4 in the IOM Masters by Scottish International star Lorraine Hyde, who took out a fantastic 88 on the bull to stop me stepping up to take out the 56 I had remaining.

The following day saw me fall in the Semi Final to the brilliantly talented Beau Greaves, 1.4. I had my chances but just could not take them due to wayward darts and timing and you can't do that against Beau.

The Open saw my bow out 2.4 in the last 16 to the fabulous Deta Hedman. Again there were chances and some decent darts but it was far to laboured and erratic.

This IOM saw me face lots of lovely ladies but I was chuffed that, despite being knocked out by some world class ladies it still gave me hope that I can still mix it with the best, at times.

Going forwards I am finishing any seasons I have ongoing and then putting the darts down to have a little break. Taking a time out with zero darts with the hope that after a complete abstinence I will be able to pick them back up, find my natural, normal throw without constantly having to think about my throw and consistency.

Thanks to all whom have supported me over the years through my highs and lows.


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