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Counting down to Lakeside pt 2 - NEW SPONSORS ALERT!

Saturday December 2nd at 1pm sees my return to the WDF World Darts Championship at the famous Lakeside.

All games will be streamed via the Internet on WDF darts & Tungsten Tales YouTube channels and latter stages on Ayozat TV (Sky channel 186).

After another hard 12 months of darting and picking up again after coming out the other side of Covid, I am ecstatic to say my ultimate darting dream is to come true for a SECOND time.

No one really knows how hard it is for most darters unless you are a player doing the circuit yourself. Nice as it seems but a WDF Darters life isn't all exploring new countries, meeting new people and achieving dreams, it mainly consists of:

Financial outlay - Each season costs a player (without sponsors) at least £6000! The players outlay pays for flights, fuel, accommodation, equipment, entries, and food.

Mental & physical fatigue - Having to juggle full time careers and families, alongside lots of organising, travelling, regular practise time, lots of games and the control of the nerves, often means living out of suitcases with no time to enjoy the countries travelled to and no actual down time, is very tiring both physically and emmotionally.

Sacrifices - most darters have to use the majority (if not all) of their annual leave from work to be able to follow their dreams and capitalise on their ability and successes. This leaves barely any actual time to spend with family and loved ones, no actual "holiday time" to relax. .

This year I will be travelling down with my top supporters, my family. I have managed to obtain all of my alloted 4 sponsors. My newest two sponsors are:

A massive Thank you them and to all my sponsors and promoters for Lakeside 2023:

I have a few friends from Morecambe cheering me on this time too - can't wait to see their fancy dress outfits! I have also had help and support from a person I would never have expected... so to them, Thank You! It's the little things that give the biggest boost - and not the making me jump whilst I am minding my own business haha!

Once I am at Lakeside I like to have some social media silence. My phone goes off so my focus steps up. I hope you will be watching me and all the fantastic darters who have made it to be one of the best WDF players in the world. Every player there has earned their place through hard work, determination and huge sacrifice.

To say I am looking forward to it is and understatement! I can't wait. Let's see Twinkle sparkle.

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