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The Up's, the downs and the struggles to control the addiction

Finally home from my 2nd dream come true at the WDF darts Championships.

Yes I am coming home really deflated. I knew my game wasn't fully there going into it - even to the point of thinking about withdrawing but as per usual I tried to do all I possibly could to get it there including long, focussed practise sessions and trying confidence building training. Despite doing all I could on my own, with practice sessions with men from my local area also the help and guidance from one person I never would have expected, unfortunately the "switch" did not click.

Very few know about my constant and ongoing battles against my Thoratic Outlet Syndrome diagnosis I was given several years ago and despite surgery to try to rectify it not working fully - it has been a constant in my darting life with flare ups every now and then. This ongoing flare up gave rise to more slack and sloppy darts over the past few months within local leagues, superleague and at County level but I battled on as normal, still producing some great scoring and results regardless.

This was the case at Lakeside 2024 - I was just not consistent enough. I have had to adapt my throw to make my arm not be as elevated for so long and fought through the pain barriers just to get them straight but obviously not enough emphasis on the doubles. They cost me this time. My performance and result still never made my second visit to the World Darts Championship any less magical though!

I will be eternally grateful to my sponsors for Lakeside 2024:

The up side is achieving one of the hardest darting achievements off my own back, not once but TWICE and saying a massive thank you to my sponsors and all the people who have done all they can to help me through from raising funds (my local friends) to help towards my darting journey so far. From the little pep talks in Killarney with a potential opponent, to those that have sponsored me, recognised and believed in my abilities. Thanks to those who were supporting me before, during and those whom have taken the time to call/message after.

There are downs that us players have to deal with at times from nasty comments, hurtful gossip and just general chit chat that can hurt a person more mentally than people ever know. This in turn affects peoples confidence and self belief. Growing a thick skin is a must.

I am looking forward to a nice break, looking forward to just doing the ones I want and not chasing ranking points. I will miss the WDF darting circuit and the people and players in it. I will deal with my darting addiction withdrawals as and when they come.

It know it will be torture for me to see people I know, have played against and in the some cases beaten continue on but it has been so hard the last 2.5 years on the world wide darts circuit trying to achieve my main dream. Afterall,what price do you put on fulfilling your dreams?

It has taken all I have albeit financially, physically and mentally but boy it was worth it - despite taking all my family time and practically all of my own money. I am not in the financial position I was when I started along this road some 2.5 years ago, contrary to the some comments that have been made.

I have had the best experiences overcoming my fear of flying, seeing the world and tram jumping with some fantastic people and meeting now friends from all over the world. I'd like to say I have met some friends for life.

I will be stepping back slowly from the WDF circuit, mainly because of it's cost and at my age I want to have some time and money to enjoy in my later years. I will just be popping in and out at some of my favorites just to curb my withdrawals haha. I will still hope to be playing my county darts with the best from Lancashire as well as darts in my local area.

I am sure I will be back at Lakeside not as a player but to support one of my best and true darts mates when she gets there!

Here's to me being in control of my darting addiction and not the other way round. See you all in 2024 - but just every now and then. Keep TWINKLING!

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