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Top Gun time seems to Fly By!

After 6 weeks of games - playing 30 games with the inclusion of 2 games against special guests, Finals week - week 7 sees Top Gun Promotions take its Swan Song in its 3rd Ladies Premiership & Championship Leagues. What a line up it was in the Top 8!

Preparations had gone okay leading up to my game against Australian International Corrine Hammond I just needed this to come in our game. However come it didn't. Our game set out quite evenly with Corrine taking the first leg. The Technology Gremlins then hit us when Corrines internet connection dropped out. Once managed to get back online we were then also unable to continue the game started on Nakka so we had to reset and go.

Trying desperately to recompose my flustered self I played the one and only good leg of the game. This is seriously something I need to work on - when things do wrong staying "in the zone and focussed".

I was quite disappointed with how I played in the final. Was a terrible day at the office for me. However finals week kind of sums up my Top Gun journey this time Extremely Turbulent! I have played some awesome darts and some not so. Starting the league off with my arm issues and numb thumb didn't help but seeing Twinkles of great darts pushed me on as it is still there....somewhere.

On the positive side I have met and played yet more fantastic darters. All showing why Ladies darts is there for the show casing. I am sure they will all be there for the next one where I will bring a more consistent game.

Out with the old and in with the new. I have also started playing with my own new flights from After a few issues with timings and Covid I received my flights which match my new shirts and I love them. I look forward to giving them more of a run out that just in finals night for one game.

Being made redundant will give me a little time refocus all aspects of my life, give me time to practise and more time to enter more comps. Fingers crossed my next job will enable me to still do what I am addicted to and that is play darts.

I'd like to thank Claire Stamper of Top Gun Promotions for running yet another fantastic comp showcasing the Ladies darting talents and all the league sponsors #Doubletroubledrinks, #SAWsportsclothing, #LVprints & #Supadarts

Wishing all my family and friends (old & new) a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here is to Health, Wealth & Consistency! Roll on 2021 - it has got to be better than 2020!

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