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The Panda Returns - Pt 2

Week 2 of Top Gun Promotions Premier league began with me facing the lovely Steph Gilmour. As usual we had a good game with us being fairly evenly matched on the scoring and finishing. However I still found myself 2.0 down. I dug in deep and with some more confidence in finishing managed to turn it around to take the win.

Normally each game is completed well within the 30 mins, however on occasions we come across some issues which throw spanners in the works. My second game started 15 minutes late, however it was against the fab Zoe Holland. Our games really don't take long at all and this evening it was I who was on a mission. Despite being a little flustered and panicky about making the whole nights games delayed further I felt so relaxed. It really showed in my darts this game. A lot more steady and consistent. Hitting the right shots at the right time led to my second win of the evening and a nice 79 average too.

Then came the Streaming.... and the Return of the Panda ( Amanda Harwood ). There does seem to be a trend when it comes to myself on stream, and myself playing Amanda however the only way to blow the trend and break the bogie is to face it more.

Having a couple of moments after game 2 we started online. I felt good, hitting some great scores.... however totally messed up my finishing on what should've been my leg. I just could not get that out of my head when it came to me going for my doubles. Credit to Amanda she kept on throwing and took her opportunities, checking out with ease in each of the match legs. I am sure there will be many more opportunities to face each other & one day Twinkle with outshine the Panda but until then we'll both have fun and giggles both on & off the Oche.

Game 4 was against Juliet. Juliet is an awesome player and you know you always have to get a good start against her. That is just what I did. With my last game out my mind ( I gave myself a stern talking to ) I threw some great darts. I finished well also. Our game did have patches of inconsistency from us both bit was a lot closer than the 3.1 victory for myself showed.

Game 5 was against Crissy Manley. Crissy is a legend of ladies darts and is very new the the world on online darts and technology which is used. It was a good game and had a nice little chat after before putting the darts away for the evening.

Overall week 2 was a good week for myself. Gaining me another 8 points for the league which has put me in a healthier position to take into Week 3 - where games start at 7pm as there are 6 games to play. I am on stream again against Ksenia. Let's hope this will be my streaming turnaround!

Bring on Week 3!

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