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The only Double Trouble you'll want!

As a player sometimes having a wee tipple helps to steady the nerves before a big game. However lately, I found the opposite. Before I play I normally have one little drink but whilst playing at home I've rarely drank until after I have finished playing. I then always choose my favourite to relax, refresh and wind down with.

Following on from my victory in the Ladies Premier League held by Top Gun Promotions and streamed by Living Room Darts I received not only my prize money but a bottle of Double Trouble Gin. I loved it - so much so I really had to refrain from drinking the whole bottle in one evening.

I am EXTREMELY EXCITED to announce that Double Trouble Drinks have agreed to provide support and a little sponsorship for me going forward. We will look to help each other grow as best we can over these tricky times. I'm sure that together our futures are very promising. Double Trouble Drinks get some added Twinkle!

Now I quite like Gin, it's the Tonic I don't like so finding a Gin I can mix with Lemonade is a must for me. All I can say is this Gin is a must! It is extremely refreshing, fruity with a citrus twist, smooth and very moreish. This is definitely my favourite Gin!

Just to give you all a little information about the company. Double Trouble Drinks are a family business set up in 2019 by two brothers, Scott and David from Edinburgh who had a belief. A bit like myself with my darts. They listened and worked with darts fans when choosing everything from their spirits, the flavour, the branding and the bottle.

They currently produce their own Gin and Vodka (which I can't wait to try). Despite the Covid set back they still strive to achieve their 4 priorities.

1. Encourage global growth in the sport of darts, in particular disability darts

2. To champion the venues, pubs and clubs that support local darts

3. To serve the darts family great tasting, premium quality spirits

4. To have fun & improve our own darting ability!

There is extreme potential for their business and hopefully myself and my darts. Now is the ideal time to get promoting and ordering online for when we do get back to some sort of normality as I am sure these will be a home bar, pub/club and darts venue staple which will fly out the optics.

If you would like me to provide some information just send me a message. I also have information fliers, flights and beer mats which can be used on promotions. Or you can visit

Double Trouble Drinks on Facebook:

or their website for anyone wishing to place orders is:

How will you have yours? I will be having mine over ice with a few frozen cherries and topped with a splash of lemonade. Bottoms up!

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