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Some of my Memorable Moments

With the world on lockdown due to the terrible Corona Virus Pandemic darts as we know it has all but ceased. The uncertainty of the BDO and what or how we are going to fulfill outstanding fixtures vexes us all.

During these troubling times of isolation and social distancing it is so heart warming to see just how people are pulling together. Whether it be by playing each other on various darting apps, sending pictures or just simply sending best wishes messages to each other.

Times like these I find myself reflecting on what memorable people and experiences I have had since taking darts more seriously. I have had to opportunity to play & practise with some phenomenal darters whom I now call friends.

In this blog I am going to share some of my most memorable people and moments. Please feel free to look into my gallery for newly added photos showing some great partnerships from my past.

I can't go into my past without firstly commenting on my present. Each Wednesday night I play with a fantastic bunch of ladies within our Smokies Bandits ladies darts team. These ladies are all great darters and all support me in my pursuit on the darts circuit. I love nothing more than just being with them and being myself (even if it is a tad muted because my youngest daughter has just joined the team & I can "mother embarrass" her). These ladies have been with me since the very beginning - specially Anita Ward, Sharon Hodgson & Michaela Chisnall. In tough times I know I can count on any of our team of 9. Love you Anita, Sharon, Michaela, Kerri, Jean, Gill, Debs & Charlotte!!!

During the years I have been playing darts I have been influenced by many people. Not just Anita Ward- who helped me learn my finishes but also 2 other ladies who played a massive part in the beginning of my love for the game.

One lady is Sandra Woof from the Freeholders Arms (former Lancashire Player) where I used to play several nights a week - Sandra encouraged me to play against the men & never to be afraid. She even donated one of her old trophies when I won my first singles championship in my local town. This is the only trophy that takes pride of place in my bedroom!

Another lady is Janice Lambert (former Lancashire & Yorkshire player) Janice was such a good friend & confidante. She and fellow Lancashire start Liz Akister both saw my potential and put me forward to represent my home county of Lancashire. To both of them I will forever be grateful as without them I would not have met half of the players I now class as friends, I would not have had the courage, confidence and ability to take on the best.

Not long after I started playing for Lancashire both Janice & Liz left the squad. Daunting as it was at first I found the whole team supportive and welcoming. I suddenly realised what a massive game darts was. I watched the amazing Lisa Ashton go win championship after championship and decided that was what I wanted to do. As a captain Lisa never lost confidence in my game even when I had lost all faith. She kept me up in the A team and always reminded me I was good enough. I always remember this.

Lots of ladies within our sport have the ability to be up there with the best - unfortunately due to finances & families not many try.

I find that in all these troubling times its good to reflect on just how far we have come. It's good to map out what direction we are going to be going in once all has settled. One thing I do know is that my addiction and love of darts has made me so many friends for life. It has given me new found confidences to even get up out of the crowd on a night out and try my luck against one of the best & most well known darts stars Colin Lloyd (barefooted I hasten to add as my footware was not appropriate). As well as step out there and complete interviews for sponsorship with local media companies such as Halfmoon Bay Media.

Here's to making more memorable moments - Stay safe all & See you when its over.

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