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From Lancashire to Lakeside

Nearing the end of Lancashires county season under the UKDA saw us playing our neighbours Cheshire on March 26th - 27th. With Lancashire in a great position in the league prior to the Magic Weekend we still had to dig in deep to sure up our position with a full and strong squad. Lancashires Red Army marched on with a 24-12 victory. I ended my Lancashire season collecting my double Lady of the Match awards against Lincolnshire and also with a 3.0 win against Cheshires Andrea Hunt.

Continuing my promotion of the ladies game ( Listening Project ) I had previously liased with a local student journalist Sallie Phillips on how the Ladies game is taking off, the frustrations with the clashing comps and how much the ladies game was improving. It had been arranged for Sallie to attend the full weekend to speak to some of the teams to get a fuller understanding of the passion and drive of the lady players. Also to experience what darts entails for a player. I'm sure she had a wonderful time with both squads and I look forward to her darting write up/radio session.

Following on from my great Slovakian performance I was also invited to complete an interview with the fantastic Andrew Sinclair from "Inside he WDF". Interviews aren't the norm for me but I seem to be doing more and more. For those who haven't managed to hear i yet feel free to click the link below. Hope you enjoy me, just being me.

With county done I now have to focus on my Lakeside preparations. I am excitedly getting my sponsorship patches done and cant wait to wear them. It goes without saying I am practising daily so I can take my A game up on my dream stage. None of this would've been possible without a few special people.

Firstly thank you to my Partner Kev and Daughters Georgia & Charlotte. It has been extremely stressful at times both financially, personally and time wise but you have supported me through it all. You have given me strength and confidence to persevere and not let my dreams go.

Massive thanks to my big Brother Michael and Sister in Law Heather for welcoming and helping me on the circuit. Although travelling or 24 hours in a packed car isn't something I'd like to do that often now!

Huge thanks to Anita Ward, Liz Akister and Lisa Ashton for believing in me even when I didn't. Your wealth of darting knowledge, experiences and support has helped me tremendously through the years.

Finally I would like to thank all my friends for all the support over the years. I am so humbled with your support and donations to help me realise my Lakeside dream.

Thanks to my sponsors so far:

Pat Connaughton & Paul Winter - (I will wear the Macmillan patch with pride)


Castle Landscapes

I have one more space to fill with time running out - who will it be?

A HUGE thank you to Jamie Cassidy for running the football card for me to help with my expenses. Also to each and every person who entered to support me. i will be doing the reveal of the football card used to help me raise funds later - good luck to you all.

I'd also like to thank Morecambe Super Fives darts league, Damo & Trevor from Morecambe Cricket Club, Anita Ward, Rose Meadows and Sharon Seed for their support and sponsorship monies.

Thank you also to Emma Copsey of Cheerbrite for making my patches.

I wouldn't be fulfilling my dream if it wasn't for each and every one of you. THANK YOU!

Next stop LAKESIDE!!!

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2022년 3월 28일

You have been amazing go get em Jo play like you know you can and you will go far good luck

Jo Clements
Jo Clements
2022년 3월 29일
답글 상대:

Thanks Andy. I will certainly be giving it my all.

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