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Dart Wars ends in Disappointment

A blockbuster advertised for live streaming between myself ( Last year's Premier league winner ) and OB 1 ( England International and Top ranking player in EDO, BDO & WDF ). However it was a bit of a flop. The scene was set, with both ready to do battle on planet Nakka. However the Dark Side of technology certainly had the Force on this evening.

Whilst waiting for the game to start streaming across the darting Galaxy my internet dropped temporarily. Flustered but recovering quickly I had a good practise to get my Force flowing whilst waiting for Maria to log on. Flowing it was with my old & trusty 26g Flightmasters hitting their target.

After 20 minutes the Dart Master appeared and battle commenced. Rushing to get it on stream and keeping streaming times the Forces collided. However it was far from the battle everyone expected with neither really hitting their full potential. I found myself quickly destroyed by Darting master OB 1. Much to my disappointment and frustrations at practising and being so ready, to not even feeling I had hold of my Dart sabres correctly. I had far from the odd Rogue One.

How quickly things can change. Wounded from battle I limped on to face my 2nd adversary Suzanne Smith. This was more like me perhaps a New Hope... claiming a 3.2 victory with an average over 72. Best leg was 15 darts!

Affected by my own inner Phantom Menace that was my lack of self belief and confidence. Last week I rested my arm & thumb... and after this week's games I certainly will not be doing that again. I am going to fight through any pain to get some consistency practise in before I face my final opponents in the Dart Wars trilogy before turnaround.

I am looking forward to the return battle against OB 1. The Return of Jo the Jedi. But will the Jedi become the master. You'll all have to wait for the sequel to see if the Force Awakens in me.

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