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Awesome Experience!

Big thanks to the PDC darts for putting on the Women's World Series competition & recognising that the ladies game is going nowhere - other than up!

I had reservations about attending due to a problematic arm & shoulder which started a little while ago. However I had paid for the hotel and the entries so figured I just had to give it a go. Plus I needed to see people I had missed - even if it was from a social distance. It was also my birthday weekend and for the past few years, that has meant being at darts with my darting family.

Practise for the event started slowly and gently after a solid months arm rest. I had refrained from playing in the online competitions despite it being torturous for me not to play. I certainly felt it over this weekend. All I could do to ease the discomfort was scorching showers, anti inflammatory tablets and pain relieving cream. Despite the discomfort and nervousness I am really happy with some of my performances however there were some not so good games. I will take from those what I need to learn to overcome and improve in future.

The positives from the weekend I will use as my motivation and inspiration for when it all starts up again and we start playing more normally & consistently. I have added a few screen shots into how I have been performing in my Gallery for all to see.

Throwing legs at over 100 averages is way over what I expected. Getting into the 8 was my toughest battle. I had lady luck on my side in one of the earlier games where I really struggled to even lift my arm - let alone hit the winning double.

I had to forget that game as I faced the incredibly talented Josie Patterson. I had to dig down into the deepest depths of my game to win. With such a short turnaround, there was no time to be able to give my arm a rest - I was then due to play Felicia Blay (for the 2nd time this weekend) but this time in the Streaming Booth. I have added the highlights video into my video section & will look to upload the full game when the PDC release the full days streamed games.

On one hand I wanted to be streamed to show people and other potential sponsors what I could do and to also advertise my sponsors #DoubleTroubleDrinks - but on the other, I wasn't playing to my fully ability so I would rather have not as it may also discourage anyone to support me. All I could do was channel all my reserves and give it my best shot.

It was a tremendous game from both (despite a couple of snatches from myself). Focusing only on the darts and not anything that had gone before, the discomfort or the set up, I played some of my best darts of the weekend. You will see from the pictures in the gallery at the level of play we were playing at and despite some great scoring from myself I still found I was 3.0 down.

I dug in. I never gave up. With Felicia on a finish to beat me for the second time this weekend I stepped up to the oche with 83. I hit single 17, then single 16. I needed the bullseye to claw a leg back. I threw.....I HIT! (I did have to run to the board to retrieve it as it was hanging precariously) The come back was on!

With added confidence after getting a leg on the board I stepped forward to continue my comeback attempt. Felicia threw her whole arsenal at me but I stood firm. Narrowly missing a 160 checkout to level the match. I cleaned up nicely the next throw hitting the double 10 in my third dart to bring it to the decider.

I could hardly believe that I had brought myself back from 3.0 down back to 3.3 against Felicia. I just needed to remain focused and kill the game off. Felicia put in a nice 98 to leave herself sitting on 36 for the match. I was sat on 53.

What appeared the longest moment ever in darts, with my heart pounding and a slight shake in my hand I stepped forward to hit the big 13. What an awful time to snatch and go totally out of the board! I took a deep breath, refocused and hit the 13 I craved. I had just 1 dart for Double top. One dart to win the game and complete a 4.3 win from being 3.0 down.

One dart was all I needed- sweetly hit the left side of double top. The game was mine and as the commentator on the highlight video states a "Comeback win for Clements" and what a comeback it was!

Getting into the Top 8 ladies with such a strong field of attendees. Yes I lost but the scoreline does not reflect the game.

This is where my PDC journey ends - for now! I came away with 2 x Last 32 placings & 1 x last 8 which in a field of ladies with this calibre I would take any day (especially when I was not up to full kilter). £350 won from the weekend has more than paid for my entries and accommodation.

I would like to thank everyone for a great weekend, for their encouragement, support, lovely comments and messages. Please feel free to look at my gallery and videos and share my website.

Now for some rest and regrouping & on the next!

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