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Sacrifices in pursuit of my Dream.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that Darts is my addiction. You would say I eat, drink and even sleep darts. It's all I do and mostly all I talk about. Growing up all I ever watched was Bullseye and Lakeside. Influential players for me were Trina Gulliver with her grace and composure. Bobby George for his cheek and showmanship and Keith Deller for his determination and showing me that anything is possible. I would play for my local pubs as and when I could whilst my daughter's were little and would fit in any practise sessions I could with my elder brother Michael and his late pairs men's partner Nick, even meeting up before and after work for a throw. That was the start of my addiction. Also beating the men was a bit of a power trip. Approximately half was through the 2018 - 2019 season and I am in 12th position. ( currently 19th over the rolling 2 yr rankings ). I am drawing ever closer to potentially fulfilling my dream of appearing on the infamous Lakeside stage.

Getting where I am has taken a lot if time, money, determination, commitment and sacrifice. I have had to spend a lot of time recently away from my family in pursuit of my dream. My father is not in the best of health but I know my partner Kev, my daughter Charlotte and my younger brother Neil will all look after him whilst myself and older brother are away.

I have had to conquer fears of flying to enable me to go all over the world playing some of the best players. Despite all this if I never go any further I will still be extremely proud of how far I have come and how much my game has grown. Just recently I faced the conundrum after being one of the 20 ladies invited to play in the prestigious British Pentathlon at Selsey. Whilst it is something I would definitely love to tick off my to do list now would not have been the right time for me as I would hate to jeopardise and undo all the good work and progress I have made so far climbing up the ladies rankings. Hopefully I will be invited once again in the future but until then it is nice to see that people have belief in me enough to send me the invite in the first place. Doing the BDO darts.tour costs several thousand pounds as you have to pay for flight, fuel, accommodation, equipment, food amd drink and after almost 18 months of my pursuit I am happy to say that Peterson have again kindly offered me a small sponsorship which will enable me to attend a couple more higher ranked competitions before the ranking cut offs.

I am eternally grateful to Peterson and GH Consultancy for what they have helped me with this season. Every little helps and could make a big difference hopefully. On to Selsey in June where I need to aim for last 16 or above to keep me within touching distance of Lakeside and my dream.

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