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Stunning Slovakia

Midnight Thursday 21st February saw our group of 4 head off to Leeds Bradford for our outbound flight to Slovakia for their 2nd Darts Open. Due to a slight amendment of the darts itinerary we had to change our flights almost last minute. This meant us being dropped off in Leeds Bradford but being picked up again from Luton.

After a very chilled flight we arrived at the X Bionic hotel in Slovakia. This was by far the best Hotel I have stayed in. Beautiful, clean and Gigantic! We didn't enter the warm up competition on the Friday evening but decided to relax before the two ranked competitions.

The Slovak Masters were on Saturday. I had such a tough draw first round against the darts veteran Maggie Sutton. After a close game I came out in second place. I tried not to be to disappointed and turned my focus the the main competition of the weekend on the Sunday - the Slovak Open.

I did far better in the Open than the previous day. My first game was a little nervy against a lovely lady all the way from Malta. After the game she advised that it was her first competition so she was a little nervous also. We had a good game and a lovely chat afterwards and are now friends on Facebook.

My results continued with a nice 180 in my first 3 darts ended up in a nice 12 dart leg against a fantastic young Dutch lady...she didn't make it easy, she through them all back at me. but victory was siezed yet again.

I took my 3rd victory before I came across the world class darts lady Vicky Prium. Despite throwing well, and being slightly ahead in a couple of legs my doubles eluded me. My tournament was over in the last 16.

Ideally, I would've liked to have gained some points in the masters however I have to remember how well I have started this season and that it is still early days. This was my first in this competition so any points I obtained are fresh. Any points are better than none.

Win or lose I love darts. It has brought me to so many new & fantastic places . I have made so many new friends all over the world.

On to the next which is my county game against Northamptonshire then the Longridge panel darts final before I'm off th the Isle of Man.

Hopefully I will break in to the top 10 rankings for the season for the first time. Everything crossed.

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