• Jo Clements

Striving for more

My first time trying out the BDO & England circuit has been tough and tiring at times but I'm enjoying every bit. I have gained so much experience and found lots of new friends whom all share my passion for the game.

I aimed to be top 20 in BDO, which I hit just once. I'm currently ranked joint 25th which is not where I wanted to be but I need to remember I am very new to this. I have also missed a few competitions in the beginning whilst I was getting to grips with how the circuit works.

Starting off as a pub player, never in my life did I ever think I would end up playing in a Superleague, or County team let alone getting quite high in rankings. I am totally elated with the fact I am currently ranked 16th in the England rankings.

I find it very frustrating at times but I have to learn to pick the comps more wisely and work out which I can afford to self fund as all the generous sponsorship's and help given at the beginning or the season have now

been exhausted.

I am eternally grateful to everyone whom has helped me get this far. It's not over yet!

Hopefully next year things will only get better.

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