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Victory at last - Third time Lucky!

Tuesday 16th June saw myself & Dave Chisnall pair up for a third time to take on some World Class opponents.

For our first game we faced the lovely John Teal and his up and coming talented partner in Lauren Stokoe. It took a while for myself to settle in. We won this game 4.1 however it wasn't as easy as the score line makes it appear. Lauren threw very calmly for her young age. She was really steady and probably one of the most consistent of the four players. She did really well considering Dave is one of her favourite Darts Pros to not get overwhelmed.

One game where it all came together was when we played Kev & Kelly Naunton. Our opponents played well but we were on fire. We won the game with a fantastic mixed pair average of 96.97 (first 9 dart ave - 118.50) That's how we can both play. Those are the games you want every time!

En route to the final we had to beat more fantastic players whom in turn had knocked out some very dangerous partnerships. We were in the final!

We had yet another tough game ahead of us against the lovely Lorraine Winstanley and my Lancashire team mate David Evans. It was far from our best game but we did enough to take it all the way and hitting the winning double to seal victory.

Brimming with confidence I turned to the ladies Premier League. 5 games remotely against some very handy ladies from all over the UK. This week meant 5 new ladies to face some of which I had faced before at BDO competitions.

My first game was against Kelly Eddy. I didn't play as well as I had against her and her partner in the mixed pairs (97 ave game) We were both a tad erratic my momentum started to build & Kelly hit back with some cracking counter shots too. The averages do not do the game justice.

Second game was against Suzanne Smith. I am sure it was Suzanne who knocked me out of the world darts trophy. I knew this would be a cracker. However it didn't turn out to be as we'd have expected due to missed doubles and potentially too much respect for each other. I was narrowly pipped in the deciding leg. This was to be my only loss of the evening.

With a few good results under my belt week 2 league standings are as follows:

Week 3 is to come this coming Thursday where I play the remaining ladies I haven't played yet then the league reverses & we get to seek our revenge :)

I also have the qualifiers of the local Male premier league to complete to see how far I can get in the top 8. Fingers crossed things are on the up!

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