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Victorious....Finally! **GAMES VIDEOS IN NEW VIDEO TAB**

In life I have always strived to do and be my best I can be. Whether it be by being a mother, partner, friend or darts player. I have always tried to learn from experiences & mistakes to help me to going forward.

Whilst playing darts I have faced many adversaries & hurdles and despite trying my best it was never quite enough. I have learned to analyse the agonies to hopefully help towards turning them to ecstasies going forwards.

Finally.... after all the losses I have endured in local league, Superleague, County and on the darts circuit I can finally be proud that I have Won. I haven't finished last 16, last 8 etc... I finished 1st...Number 1, Numero Uno.

After playing over 6 weeks and against some great lady darters I qualified as 3rd seed in the Online Premier League from Top Gun Promotions sponsored by Double Trouble Gin. Over the weeks of playing and checking back on my stats I have hit a total of :

128 x 100+

44 x 140s

6 x 180s

My highest checkout was 155.

Not only is it hard for most darters to adjust to online darts it also adds added nerves with the thought of online streaming and being viewed by thousands of people.

I sometimes struggle with nerves which affects my counting, I continue to work on this. I struggle with focus which is specially hard when calling out scores and talking with such a fab bunch of people whom you're playing. I just have to find the happy medium.

However ....Finally it has all come together! Despite a few streaming issues I managed to not let things get to me as much so I could still play.

After an extremely close game with Welsh International Ann Marie Potts I edged through in to the Semi final. There was literally nothing between us.

I needed to keep my momentum up which is hard when you have to wait before the next match. This isn't helped when you aren't sure whom you're playing next. My Semi final saw me face Scottish International lovely Lorraine Hyde, yet again. Again there was nothing to separate us on the scoring front I just edged it taking the double opportunities when I had a chance.

I had made my first FINAL. Granted some may say it is only an Online game but playing ladies of such caliber would test any players.

My final game was against the loveliest and funny Angie "The Wench" Mann. First time we met and played I got my behind spanked and didn't even get a sniff at a leg as she beat me with an 80+ average. I knew yet again it would be a great game and I had to dig deeper into my reserves. I had to use all that I had learned from playing the game I love, from all the sadness of defeats and from all the discomfort from stepping out of my comfort zone to get me through.

Thanks to Damir & Living Room Darts for the streaming. I have added the streamed videos of my games into the new Video tab for those who missed the games. Hopefully this is the start of things to come. (Please excuse my out of focus board- I don't have a clue why that happened)

I will take this and move forward with the confidence to know I can win!

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