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Troubled times

It has been some time since I last posted. Primarily because of the Covid19 lockdown which, for not only our safety of ourselves and loved ones but the safety of the world.

The IOM darts was the last real game of "normal" darts. I have still been working, albeit from home, during isolation and have found it affecting my home / work balance as I never seem to be out of the house much. This is in contrast a HUGE change for me as I found I was rarely at home due to my travels all over the world to play the game I love.

I have also found the lockdown has taken some of my darts passion away. Whether that is because I am constantly in my darts practise area working or that I am not seeing my family & darting friends whom I miss very much. Personally I think it is a culmination of a lot of things with the two above being the main aspects.

I have still managed a few online games - which again for me is hard to adapt to as Focus has always been one of my key area's to concentrate on & when online having to call out scores - breaks my concentration.

Big thanks to my Kev for his ingenious contraption which enables me to use webcam. Personally I trust the people I play but after playing some people on online websites you never know a I have never seen so many 9 & 10 darters, not even in the PDC!!!

Big thanks to Chizzy for letting me know about some online games and for the occasional practise match (whooping)! I have found I am practicing against the men, playing some good stuff on & off. Playing one Chizzy is hard enough but playing his 2 brothers also....Well!

I am trying hard to keep my faith & love for the game but with all the uncertainty, proposals & differences of opinion between ALL whom I class as friends it is making me think whether or not it is all worth carrying on.....

I like to think I am a positive, fun loving person who was addicted to darts. I am now finding myself so negative, fed up & tired of the game. In Twinkles perfect world everyone would work together, combine ideas and make the grassroots of darts flourish once more....

I am now realising we are FAR FROM A PERFECT WORLD.

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