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Treble Troubles ** New pics in gallery & Vid attached **

The start of the penultimate week of fixtures began with me rerranging a few personal commitments to be able to play against the leagues guest players Laura & Robyn. What an exciting yet daunting start to week 5 having to play against these to fantastic ladies!

My first game against Laura was quite evenly balanced but far from our best. It was a bit of a slower burner but both had some fantastic darts with my first 9 reading up at almost 80. There was really nothing in the final leg- it was a case of who hit the double first. I just sneaked it.

I next faced Dublins own Robyn Byrne. Robyn has been in great form of late with playing on online streaming comps and recorded a great 81 average in Womens series in Barnsley. I knew I had to sharpen up & pronto! That is just what I did. You have got to get ahead against players like the ladies playing in this league.

I set off like a rocket in the first leg and was with her all the way. No sooner had the game started than it was over. The scoreline does not reflect the closeness of the game. We both agreed it was a truly awesome game with both hitting form but perhaps just a couple more well timed throws from Robyn got her to the double first & she didn't miss.

No body plays to lose nor likes to come second in the game of darts however I always find if I play well and lose then I can take it. I took many positives from my game with Robyn into game 3.

Game 3 was to be streamed against Scotlands own Lorraine Hyde (please visit Video section in main menu to view this game). Honours are pretty even in our head to head however none of these ladies can ever be underestimated especially when every point and leg is crucial at this late stage.

This is where Treble Troubles came, yet again. In my last streamed game I suffered two darts out of the treble. This time was far more crucial. Sat at 2.2 with Lorraine sat on 79 I was still reeling from leaving myself on a bogie of 159 I stepped up to add as much pressure to Lorraines throw as I could. My first dart hit the 5. I readjusted and second dart landed cleanly in the middle of the treble twenty. Following that line I threw my third dart. I was to accurate as it hit dart two & both fell the the floor. Another 120 on the ground!

I had to put that behind me and move on to my final two games of the evening. My confidence a little shot, my frustrations still simmering a little the same thing happened for a third time whilst playing Amanda Harwood. First dart into one, re adjusted and second into treble twenty with my third dart hitting the second again and another 120 out on the floor.

Where do I stand in the league......? They say things come in 3's. Well I have had my 3 treble troubles so NO MORE PLEASE!!

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