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To hurt if its to heal!

Darts can be a very cruel game sometimes. The most recent games on week 3 of Top Gun Promotions highlighted this to me. Feeling good with my preparations, extra practise being done each day. I got ready for a slightly longer evening of darts. 6 games instead of the usual 5. Sat in 6th position in the league following a good week previously I was really looking forward to getting these games started.

Game 1 versus Brenda Dyer was far from my best. It seemed no matter what I did, they just would not go. The darts would not reach double top or ten (which I have been practising on), a couple of bounce outs from both too. We didn't have our usual classic match. This game then set the scene for the rest of my evening...I just wasn't to know it at the time.

With my averages ranging from almost 51 - 71 on the evening, I lost all 6 of my games - that hurt!. Taking nothing away from my opponents, they all played well to take their victories. As the saying goes "Scoring for show, doubles for dough". The way my evening went there was none of the above saying, or when there was it just wasn't consistent.

After my games were done I was really disappointed, baffled and deflated. I tried to analyse every game and where I went wrong after putting more practise sessions in. (Thanks to Stokey & Mandy for the extra sessions). Trying to think how I put things behind me to continue on. However maybe that is what I need to do... Learn to just forget it, to let it go. But how do you do that?! * Answers on a postcard please *

On reflection and outside my hurt & disappointments, there were some really good darts from me in the various games. One of my best legs came just a little to late against 14 yr old Ksenia Klochek. Her timing with her second 180 of the match was impeccable, and yet again my trusted Double Top let me down.

There was quite a battle going on with myself and Tracey Davies. We quite often matched each other's scores.

There is nothing more I can do about these games, they & the hurt have gone - I now need to take these & learn from them in order the heal my game. I have now dropped back to 12th in the league table and need to work hard every game from here to get as many wins & legs as possible.

I am looking forward to next week. The last week before the league turnabout. Still plenty to play for. One thing I do know is that I need to sort "killing the games off" so plenty of finishing practise to be done and bring the practise into the "Game on" situation.

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