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Thee End is Nigh....or is it?

A fantastic turnout for the Goverment & Council Authorised and socially distanced Cleveland Open darts weekender. Some wondered whether it would be adhered to and in the main YES it was.

There was a lot of table organising, floor tapes & marquee hire with tubs and tubs of hand sanitizers for everyone but it did indeed work. Proves Dart players can remain seated (the way the seating was positioned inside meant that you could more or less still watch from any angle) and follow games.

A big well done to all involved!

As an added bonus the winners of events also got a fabulous prize of Double Trouble Drinks & Glasses! - Not envious at all! Haha.

Alas Ladies day was a bit of mixed bag for myself. In the Ladies pairs I was partnering Lancashire Youth player Eleanor Cairns. We both played some great darts but narrowing being pipped out 3.2 by the eventual Ladies pairs champions of Evonne Taylor and Ann Marie Potts.

My opponent did not show up for my first ladies game therefore I got a walkover into the next round. This round I faced the fantastic Chrissy Manley. In order to stay distanced and within regulations our game was played in separate room. There were only 4 supporters of Chrissy there watching.

I managed to play some good darts - got my rhythm & flow going again with a nice few 140's and checking out within 3 darts each leg. I was the victor with a 3.0 result and on to the next.

My next opponent was the super talented Beau Greaves. This time our game was up on a raised stage in the main room. I didn't do much wrong however Beau didn't either and took her opportunities. By the time Chrissy Manley had finished marking from her loss to myself she returned to see me already marking after losing to the fantastic Beau 3.0. Again I went out to the eventual competition winner.

Mixed pairs was quite a non starter. Admittedly I was very nervous partnering Jim Williams and this showed in my first game. After a dismal performance I hit the socially distanced practise boards to make sure I didn't play like that the next round. Our second game was better with me narrowly missing Bullseye for a 126 check out. However yet again Ann Marie Potts was to be our nemesis ( along with Alan Edwards )the trebles seemed to elude Jim & myself in this game and against International competitors of their caliber you can't afford to do that.

Despite the my overall results I was so happy to hopefully be seeing the end of online darts. It was very refreshing to actually hear the buzz of other people & see & talk to friends in the flesh. One thing I didn't miss was the heat. This would've been soo hot if numbers hadn't have been limited and distancing not kept.

Not only is the End nigh re getting back to some sort of social darts normality, hopefully we are reaching the end of the three Darting organisation struggles. As a darter I have found this quite upsetting and demoralizing. To the extent of wanting to actually hang up my darts. However there will always be Darts. I am going to ignore all the politics, point scoring & back biting and just try to play as best I can under whomever is the governing body.

In no particular order:

I think I speak for most darters out there who have the game coursing through their veins. WE JUST WANT TO PLAY! Also my dream of being in contention for our National Team still needs fulfilling!

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