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The Mighty Rose slays the Dragons

The 2022/23 County season started with a real test against a fantastic Glamorgan squad.

Straight back into the early starts and setting off to my pick up point at 4am. From there another 6 or so hours until we got to Glamorgan venue.

There was. A bit of de ja vu when the coach tried to go down a narrow country lane. There was a little damage done to the coach but we all made it safely, thanks to the terrific driving of the driver.

Needless to say there were a lot of tired darters but despite the fatigue the Saturday squad played tremendously and gave the Red Army a terrific 14-4 lead into Sunday

With morale on a high we set off for another long drive (due to road closures and diversions) to our hotel. It was one of the best yet.

Sunday soon came around and we set out early again to make the 1 hour plus journey back to the Dragons lair.

With confidence on a high we wanted to cement victory and give ourselves a great building block in our title defence.

Unfortunately I played erratically with back to back 140s then straying darts into the 1s and 5s. My opponent Allan ah Waters Evans played more consistently. I had set myself up on a 77 outshot but I wasn't given the chance to take it out as, against the run of play, Alannah took out a cool 105.

Despite the ladies playing some great darts we were burned by the dragon fire, going down 4.2 to the Glamorgan ladies. There was nothing more we could do other than get behind our men so they could bolster our lead.

Sundays darts was a real mixed bag with so great, and some not so great performances but one thing is for sure and that is we were there behind every dart for everyone.

The men dug in after a nervy few game to seal the victory over the weekend at 23-13.

Over the moon with our successful championship defense we headed home. The journey home was like the Lancashire of Old with everyone singing and dancing on the bus. There was no sleep for us on this disco bus.

On a personal note I wasn't happy with how I played. The EXTREME heat on the stage meant that my darts were slipping from time to time. However the venue couldn't do any more to try to cool it down. The Glamorgan Dragons you would think were used to the heat whereas it made some of the Lancashire Roses wilt.

The thorns of the Red Rose slayed the Glamorgan dragon and it was great to be back with the Red Army. I can't wait for the next home game against Kent. Where we will continue to bloom.

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