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The Listening Project BBC Radio 4 11th April 2021 & more..

After putting my name forward on a social media post asking for a lady to talk about Darts with a complete stranger in The Listening Project I thought why not. Never did I think that out of all the many ladies I would be chosen, but chosen I was. My love for Darts will be forever in the archives of the British Museum.

The conversation day came where I met a fellow dart fanatic & stranger Richard. Initially I thought it would be hard to talk to a person you've never met before, let alone for an hour ( to be edited down ) however TALK we did! Did we talk! We could've continued talking for hours upon hours. We covered lots of different aspects of the game however not all are covered in the editors cut. One thing I feel everyone will get from the link is how much we both LOVE the game.

The main part of the Darts Listening Project comes in @ approx 12min 15 sec. You may need to register on BBC Radio 4 before it will play. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Although I can no longer play in the Top Gun leagues due to my work commitments I am still able to play weekend comps. A big thanks to Iain Chatterton & Lewis Venes for remembering me when it comes to their comps. It's still good to keep my eye in ready for when we start back for real.

I have had some steady results & getting to the final of a male competition. I will add a few new pictures into my gallery for you to view.

I am currently playing in Lewis Venes online ladies league. The ladies again, are really accommodating to my work shifts. Some play in the mornings before work however the majority seem to be ok to play just on the weekends which suits me fine.

In this league I have played 3.. I have won my first 2 games 4-0 but my third game was against my good friend & fellow Bay Ladies Superleague team mate Liz Akister. What a game it was. It was a game of two halves with myself sitting on a comfortable 3-0 lead I let Liz in. Against the darting demon that LIz is, that is suicide! Although my scoring was ok throughout the doubles eluded me after my lead & following a tough head to head Liz was victorious. A good game had by both and played in great spirit!

I am so looking forward to getting back out playing darts, seeing friends and building my game. Hopefully my dreams are still alive...for one last season anyhow.

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