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Sweet but sour - sponsorship opportunity at base

After almost a 6 hour drive we arrived at the Ilfracombe Holiday Park. We got our accommodation, which I have to add was really nice. However apart from the swimming pool and bar with restaurant there was nothing else there what you would expect for a holiday park. The drinks prices were average for a darts venue with a few cashless hiccups so it meant people had to venture off site to find a cash machine until problems were resolved.

After a nice early night I was excited to prepare for the second of my darting dreams... the Pentathlon. I loved the event, loved playing all 19 other ladies in one way or another, however almost 7 hours constant playing really took its toll on my forearm, shoulder, hip and standing knee. My arm was like lead, my feet were burning and my knee felt like it was going to drop off. But I dug in. I played some good stuff during the 501 games and once I'd got my head around how to play the Pentathlon way rather than the natural darts I play week in week out.

I set off like a steam train in the 2001 again fellow namesake, Jo Locke however the second half of the game was hers with 7 concurrent score over 100 set up a nice winning double to win the special game. I was quite rubbish in Shanghai which pulled me down the rankings towards last. I was quite steady in Half it only missing the end bullseye.

Despite finishing in 18th place I loved it at the time.. Just not so after when the ladies had another competition almost straight away... And the early morning after was the Gold WDF ranked event. This was quite a challenge for all the ladies. It is easy to see how the 75-85 averages decreased the longer the events went on.

A lot of Ladies actually withdrew from the Friday evening comp. Hindsight is a wonderful thing now. Perhaps I should've as I didn't get very far at all. My arm felt like it wasn't mine at all. Nevertheless I fought through the pain barriers, did my marking stint and went to bed to try to rest my whole left side.

Now, I had been warned by people about the length of the Pentathlon day but I didn't think for one minute it would impact me quite the way it did. In all honesty it totally scuppered my chances in the Gold ranking event as my arm was far from back to normal.

All the events could be fitted in to the time there but I would've preferred the WDF ranked event to be played first so you are not at such a disadvantage to all the "fresh" ladies whom attended and did not participate in the Pentathlon 20.

I managed to scrape into the last 32 ladies in the gold event. Playing Scotlands Christine Hyde was personally embarrassing as I just could not lift my arm/darts. Doubles... What were they? Although we both really struggled with the heat, I was struggling through the pain barrier and for the first time ever just wanted to be knocked out so I could rest my arm.

Sunday morning was again an early-ish start for Ladies Pairs with my lovely partner Roz Bulmer. Inconsistent Twinkle was back. We won our first game 4.0 and both played some great darts. Roz was the double 10 queen! Our second game was against the fantastic pairing of Lisa Ashton and Maria O'Brien. Unfortunately I barely turned up. Roz and I were eliminated in the last 8 pairs winning £50.

Kev and I went for a walk into Ilfracombe centre on the Sunday. It was very picturesque but not how we envisaged the seaside town.

Sunday night was wind down night. We went into the club house to watch all the cracking finals before heading back to our Sea view chalet to pack for our early drive home.

On our way home we drove via Stoke to have some fun at the mini golf adventure centre. I came 2nd here but seems my golf was better than most of my darts over the weekend.

Where to next....? Deliberating doing the Belgian Belfry and the World masters (which I have already qualified for) or stepping back lots as it seems to be becoming a very expensive atm. Both of these competitions cost at least £700 each. The lack of sponsorship and constant self funding, specially in this tough cost of living crisis is unfortunately pricing me out of the game I love.

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITY: If anyone knows of any companies who would like to sponsor me for the Masters, I would be happy, depending on the amount, to also place them on my shirt for the Lakeside World Championships which I am currently sat in 10th position out of a qualifying 24 ladies. This would mean they would not only be on my website here, my Linked In account but also - potentially on TV.

We will see how I go in the PDC Womens series and decide from there.

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