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Shoot out in Scotland

Friday 14th February saw myself and the Morecambe mob head up North to Scotland for the Scottish Open 2020. I think I was just as excited to get back competing on the darts circuit as I was seeing all my darting friends. It was a little strange not seeing a couple of players who have been there for the past 18mths with me. Lisa and Nikki were missed.

Braving the tail winds from storm Ciara and the snow and rain we finally reached our hotel after 3 hours. We relaxed for a few hours before we headed over to the Normandy Hotel for the Mixed Triples. For the past two years I have played in this event with two of my Lancashire County team mates Lee Shewan and newly selected England darts team member David Evans.

Stretch your Cobbler till it Twinkles stormed through our first game with myself taking out 2 of the 3 required finishes. Our second game was a lot tougher as we faced a fantastic trio including Neil Duff and Sophie McKinley who is an extremely talented Scottish youth player. The game went to the final leg with our team hitting a 94 average but their team finding a small burst to checkout with a 107 average for the leg.

Saturday saw the start of the singles event. There was a bit of a shaky start in my first game as it's been a little while since I have competed in a BDO event but also with our marker getting used to the new Dart Connect scoring system. I managed a first round victory of 3.0 with a 52 average. Round two saw me take another 3.0 victory but this time with a more settled and respectable 65 average for the game.

Third round saw me face Amanda Harwood ( formerly Abbot ) she is a great player but doesn't tend to do the full circuit. I knew I would have to step up a gear. The game went to 2.2 after a storming 4th leg from Amanda. However after hitting two treble twenties I just outer wired double 16 for a 152 finish and game. Amanda stepped forward and with her third dart hit the double to take the game. Dumping me respectfully out in the last 32.

Despite not getting the results I craved I am very happy with how I am playing again. The darts connect picture shows the averages my game was played at. The nerves appear to have subsided and I am finding I am a lot straighter. I just need to lose the loose & lazy darts which drag my games and averages down.

On to Slovakia next week and the truly amazing X Bionic hotel.

For more pictures please see my Gallery

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