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Que Sera, Sera

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

21st October saw me head to Prestatyn for the Welsh Open ad Classic WDF darts competitions. A Gold and Silver ranked event was one double header not to be missed as the Lakeside Race hots up. However Wales in October was much worse than in its usual May time as it was absolutely freezing in the darts venues whilst waiting to play. The Chalet we had this time was one of the best/cleanest ever whilst still being very basic. But the modernisation and need for heating meant it ate Energy credit like a Donkey eats Carrots!

With hands like icicles, no matter what I did I tried to play but it was very difficult. Again playing my darting nemesis Evonne Taylor to get through to the further rounds. You need to be at your best to play Evonne and despte the freezing temperatures for us both I was victorious.

I had a real humdinger in another of my games. Finding form to then lose it again I went 3.1 down. The player, Sue Hall hadnt realised the format had changed to best of 7 and therefore came to shake my hand. I advised it was indeed best of 7 and we needed to keep on playing. And play I did ...I came back from a deficit of 3.1 to win 4.3.

The freezing weekend went on, as did the jumpers and jackets. I played some great darts and some not so great. I ended up taking away another £130 and a last 16 and last 32 spot. Not the placings I was hoping for but it has still moved me up one place to 19th, in the Race for Lakeside.

I am moving in the right direction, but am I moving fast enough. There are still competitions in Killarney and Prague to go and I am already quite high up in the overall UK & World rankings but am I high enough?

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Oct 28, 2021

Slowly Slowly catchee monkey keep going up is the right direction any luck on finding your new darts?

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