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PDC Womens Series pt 2

Friday 24th September saw me set off for the long journey down to Milton Keynes for the PDC Womens Series. The last one I attended was in Barnsley where I managed to bring home £350. This time I was determined to go further.

With 3 separate comps on each of the days it gave us ladies a good chance to put right any wrongs and step up a few times to show what we could do. And what a show we all put on!

For myself there was rather a lot of inconsistency. Especially coming off the back of my first county game back ending in defeat. I was in two minds whether to alter my 25 yr old darts as due to my focus and 5 stone weight loss they do seem to be dropping low. I then seem to over compensate to throw higher, which in turn makes my throw less natural. however I will persevere as after my Selsey Semi final and some great games at the Womens Series I may just need extra time to adapt to the changes.

Saturday 25th was the first of a very long day. Ending up in the last 32 each comp and netting a nice £150. I did feel I could've gone further but lady luck and bounce outs put an end to this days play.

Sunday 26th got off to a poor start with the previous days issues playing on my mind. However in the 6th final comp I showed what I could do....even though still a little erratically.

Never did I think I would ever hit a 100+ average but hit a few I did along with some very respectable leg averages. I just need them all the time!

I was called into the streaming booth to play a lovely and very taleted young lady Katie Sheldon. This lady is the twinkliest star in the making. I knew I had to play and play I did.

the averages for the streamedgame are below - also the video of the whole game is attached in the Youtube link. - Maybe the crazy hair is the way to go!

After a good run I re met the fab Fallon. I had taken 1 leg in event 3 game and was

determined to focus and go better this time. Go better I did. I took two legs in event 6 but the averages weren't as high.

I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the PDC comp as it runs smooth as clockwork with no mic calls whilst playing etc. It was lovely to see all the ladies supporting the Ladies Darts and also fab to see that I can mix it with the big guns.

Back on to county next weekend when the Red Army march to Northamptonshire and then Bridlington after that. They're coming thick an dfast now. Love it!

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