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My Highland Fling

After 3 years it was time to head back to the Normandy Hotel for the Scottish Open 2022. With confidence on a high after Lakeside, I couldn't wait to get back into the floor games.

After a nervy first couple of games I started to feel at ease. Then I realised I had drawn the newly crowned and awesome world champion Beau Greaves in the quarters.

Beau set off in her usual form and stormed into a 3.0 lead. I had nothing to lose so just relaxed and let my darts go. I clawed it back to the deciding leg which was a bit edgy from both of us. I pinged the most magical double to beat Beau for the first time ever. It didn't set in for a while afterwards.

Singles day was was done and the semis and final were to be played the following day so we all had some fun and down time. More new pictures have been into my Gallery

Day 2 was doubles day and finals night. Unfortunately my usual partner for the Scottish Open pairs could not make it due to the clash of the UKDA Magic Weekend. I managed to find a cracking, very under rated playing partner in Giffy Khaosoi. Thank you for being my partner Giffy.

It was a new partnership and we both played averagely. We were taken out first round by a very in form Josie Paterson and her partner Suzanne Smith. I now had to find a way of killing over 6 hours until the semis and final were to start.

My stage semi final was against the mega talented Kirsty Hutchinson. A rematch of the Lakeside fixture. There are no easy games at this level as there are so many talented lady darters out there now. This was yet another battle. We both played some good stuff, as well as bad but for once (when I got the opportunity) my doubles and checkouts were coming sweetly.

I feel I do have to comment on just how hard this game was for us both, specially me - focus wise. With the majority of the crowd giving WDF best of order, except for the plain bag of Walkers crisps being opened on the first row behind us, and the constant beeping going off at crucial times which I sure you'll all hear when watching the video back. Also the carpet covering placed down to protect the flooring was far from ideal as anyone walking on it you could all be heard very loudly. But we soldiered on. Video of all the finals has been added into my video page. My games are approx 40 mins in & 1 hr 30 in - simply scroll acroos to watch or just watch to see all the arrows.

With pressures and distractions reaching their peak Kirsty uncharacteristically missed her double. Following a slight miscount on my part I managed to ping a nice 3 dart checkout for 70 to make it into the Scottish Open final!

The final was to be as tough as all the games before. This was against Deta Hedman. Again I felt quite relaxed. There were a couple of bleeps during our game but I tried to continue my focus just that little bit longer.

I took a 3.1 lead in the race to 5. However multi time champ Deta would never go down without a fight. Deta came back strongly whereas I, quite fatigued from the duration of play and length of time between gameplay seemed to lose my Twinkle in the crucial last deciding leg.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable time in Scotidorm (Scotland, with Benidorm weather). Taking yet more ranking points and more money on to do more on the WDF circuit. Next port of call - Denmark.

The cherry on the cake for me was that Lancashires Red Army marched to League victory at the UKDA magic weekend. Although I could not be there in person I was with them all in spirit. Roll on next season. A new Narna and BIG Celebrations!

Bring on more good darts!

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