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Big Bangers to Damp Squibs

I have always been a firm believer in our National side- as one of my dreams is to be in contention for selection. I have helped to sponsor England Youth on a few occasions now as I firmly believe we need to invest in the future of our sport via our Grassroots and Youth systems. So when England Darts decided to have a members group I jumped at the chance by paying my annual subscription I got discounted entry into EDO events, all the national team updates, offers and a chance to win in the monthly members draw.

Win I did! Finally! I was so happy to receive the great prizes from One80 & Darts Corner. They will come in very handy. For anyone wishing to support England Darts and the National team then please follow this link to become a member:

After the joy of winning such a fantastic prize came the excitement with a hint of dread at starting yet another Ladies Online Premier League. As the Premier League winner last year and gaining the support of Double Trouble drinks I felt it only right to play again to see if I could retain my crown.

The hint of dread comes due to the ongoing issues I am having with my arms. The cause is yet unknown albeit working from my dining table since before lockdown has certainly not helped. Could it be a recurring impingement which I had undertaken an operation for 2 yrs ago or it be due to Carpel Tunnel. Needless to say it is taking some sorting so if anyone has any advice on what I can do to stop my arms turning to lead & stop my thumb on my throwing hand being numb then please shout out!

What a line up of ladies we have this time around with 5 International Players, Half the World Cup pairs winners, Europe Cup singles Winner as well as the Europe and World Cup Youth Champion to name but a few. What a treat we have in store over the next 7 weeks for all Ladies Darts fans and all from the comfort of our own homes.

My evening started well playing Irish International an in form WDF player Denise Cassidy. I knew I had to come out of the blocks fast with this one and this is just what I did. I found the treble well and my finishing was on point. Taking a nice 101 checkout to help me secure victory over a very capable and dangerous opponent!

There were definitely no easy games. I had a real Battle Royal with Brenda Dyer from Isle of White. Narrowly being pipped to the double after a barrage of 140s just at the right time from Brenda!

As the night wore on I could feel my arm hurting - still couldn't feel my thumb. I put in a personally very disappointing game against youth player Lauren Stokoe as I couldn't reach anything. Determined to fight to the end I reached for the trusty anti Inflammatory Gel as knew I had the fantastic Natalie Gilbert last.

If I am being honest I was thinking about conceding the game - however my inner competitiveness would never allow me to give up. With my arm a little less painful after the Gel and with extra concentration on my thumb I set out to close the night out. Natalie and I always have great games. Percentage wise it is about 50/50 between us now. This game was no exception.

Great darts being thrown by both, good timing of the scores too to add extra pressure on your opponent. I dug in as deep as I could to take it all the way to the decider and pop in the final double.

3 out of 5 wins in the first week isn't bad. The game between Brenda and I could've gone any way so I am quite happy there however I will rest my arm and make sure I am ready to NEVER have a repeat performance as I did in my 4th Game.

Bring on week 2!

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