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Losing the Twinkle

An eagerly awaited trip to Southern Ireland and the fabulously run Killarney darts competition. After a decent run there last year I had to try to defend the points previously earned.

With a muscle pull in my darts arm and thanks to copious amounts of Deep Heat I at least, managed to hit the board. This plagued me all Weekend.

The darts started on Friday evening and after being awake over 30+ hours. Friday night was pairs night with my fab darts partner Roz Bulmer.

We had a bit of a shaky start. A good partnership is formed when there is no pressures put on your partner and you know that if you were to drop off they would step up, and vice versa. That's just what we did. There were a couple of hairy moments but we battled on through and had to play the game of our lives against a fantastic, long standing partnership of two International squad members from Holland and Sweden - Anca Zilstra and Vicky Pruim. We soon found ourselves 3.1 down until something just clicked. Both throwing consistently and with no messing about with finishing we had an amazing 14 dart leg to take it all the way to the deciding leg. I hit a smooth 136 to leave 40 for the cool, calm and collected Roz who stepped up to ping it in two. With renewed confidence we continued this into the deciding leg to sieze victory from the Jaws of defeat.

Unfortunately our run was halted after another International clash in the last 8, against Dutch players Aileen De Graaf and Priscilla Steenbergen. Despite another fabulous 14 dart leg we were simply outplayed by the Dutch team. Our run ended in the Semi Finals and winning 100 Euros.

Saturday was the first singles event. A Gold ranked competition that I really wanted to do well in. Alas, it was not to be. My pullings in my arm were more than niggles now and I just could not find the strength to extend my arm enough, and at the right time to release my darts. This was so evident in my games and my averages. I was knocked out in the last 32 despite a gritty last leg decider. Points lost but another 50 Euros gained.

After some power shower treatment on my arm and gentle massage I stepped up to start Sundays Silver ranked competition. Talk about playing through the pain barrier, I was so frustrated but dug in as much as I could.

I had some really inconsistent darts and being honest was lucky to even get through the first round. I managed to get to the last 16. This is where I realised I had to play my ladies partner Roz. It's never easy playing a friend but we are both professional enough to know and respect each other before, during and after the game. I knew I could not scrap my way through this one, I knew I had to play and somehow, from somewhere, I played the best game of my weekend. The scoreline doesn't really reflect just how hard the game was for us both.

Into the last 8 and I was to face the Beau-tiful, World Darts Champion Beau Greaves. Despite beating Beau to the bull and setting off well in the first leg I just could not compete with her scoring prowess and pinpoint doubling. I was soon despatched 4 legs to Nil with Beau ending our game on a 94 average. Despite losing I was so in awe of Beau. All the battles she has overcome to even pick her darts back up. She is going to be around for many years to come and deserves all the fruits of her labour's, that's if she doesn't go the the PDC and start kicking the men's booties :)

Monday was wind down day and a nice little wander around Killarney Town centre before our short flight home and then our 4 hour drive home.

And we go again in 3 days time. This time to the beautiful city of Prague. ( Another of my favourite places on the circuit). Fingers crossed my arm sorts itself out and I manage to pick up some points to keep me on track for the World Championships.

Wish me luck!

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