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Let the Battles commence!

Week 1 of the 4th Top Gun Promotions Premier & Championship league started 14th January. However due to how the ladies game is growing and with all the ladies sharing there was so much interest that yet another League - Division 1 was to be added. Each league had a much bigger field of lady darters from all over the world.

My first game was a re run of the 2nd Premier league final, against the loveliest Wench - Angie Mann. It was quite a nervy game from both with Angie being newly promoted into the Premiership again after winning the last Championship final. Also with myself subconsciously thinking about my next game, which was to be streamed. Some good darts were thrown and even a few minutes to try to have a catch up chat before going to find your next opponent. I took a 3.1 victory into my next match.

Game 2 and my first streamed game of the league this week was against the fantastic Denise Cassidy. Denise won the bull however a few streaming teething issues ( apologies to those who were unable to view it due to technical problems ) we were good to go. I set out to slow in leg 1, that is something you mustn't do versus Denise and in this short format. Once Denise gets momentum she quite easily crushes you. By leg two I was doing little wrong however Denise had found a sweeter mark than myself.

Game 3 was against newly joined Lincolnshires Paula Jacklin. Lots of mutual respect in this game as we both have have some real battles in the past with the tally somewhat even between us. Again not the prettiest of games there were some cracking darts but also some poor ones. As they say a win is a win, I took the 3.0 result on to game 4.

Game 4 would be a battle. Lorraine Hyde & I always seem to have real ding dongs of games. This was the first game I felt relaxed and comfortable enough to play and play I did. There was really nothing in it, scoring wise. This game was more like how I play and this showed with almost a 70 winning average, I just managed to pip the winning doubles.

Game 5 was the last game of the evening against Helen Harvey. I have only played Helen once and victory was hers. Far to many slack darts from me here meant yet again Helen was victorious. 3 wins in 5 games is an okay start. However I need to focus on losing the slack darts and killing the game off quicker, specially against ladies of this calibre.

League standings after Week 1 - still very much in the mix.

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