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Lancashire Lass is back - Twinkling as always

After a very tough time for the darts due to the Covid Pandemic we're starting up again slowly and safely.

Whilst darts has been limited due to restrictions I have still been playing as often as I can via Online darts competitions just to keep my eye in for this very time!

I am determined to give the WDF darts circuit a good go this time around and have used the extra time to practise, practise and more practise. Alongside practising every day I have also made some lifestyle changes which will also help my health and darting stamina - I have lost almost 5 stone.

The weight loss and practise appears to be helping my game with my first 9 dart average more often than not into the 80's. I have also been trying to fine tune my finishing too so that I am able to kill off games quicker.

Still the odd blip here and there but the when the doubles are clinical not only my first 9 is great but my averages are too.

Those who follow my blogs will know the struggles I went through adapting to "online" darts as opposed to the darts we all know - however now it is turn back time. We all have to re adjust to get back out there playing the "real" way. My first competition outside my own home was at the Cheshire Open.

I was unlucky again in the draw at the Cheshire open by getting the gorgeous Beau Greaves first round. ( She later went on all the way to win overall - so at least I lost to the winner ) I enjoyed playing pairs with my Lancashire teammates Sue Cusick ( Got to Qtrs ) and Kev Garcia ( Got to Semis ). I wasn't firing as I had been doing at home but didn't put to much expectation on my game for the first time out. I was absolutely made up by all the people who told me how fab I looked and how they didn't even recognise me from behind. That will help with the airport dashes to catch our flights to the countries all over the world.

Glad to say my local Superleague darts team Morecambe Bay Ladies also survived the pandemic which has seen many teams fold. We started our charge winning our first game against the lovely ladies from Accrington 7.1. I won 3.0 with a 59+ average, just wiring the bull to miss a 170 check out. It was strange throwing back on the board at our darts venue Morecambe Cricket Club. But with more games I'm certain my game will mirror my online form.

Lancashire County games start on the 18th/19th September I am so looking forward to seeing all my team mates and friends from other counties. I am honoured to have been selected to be Vice Captain for the Ladies Teams however saddened as we will be losing our Ladies manager and Lancashire Loyal Maureen Parr. After 30 years with Lancashire and only missing 1 game in all that time. She thoroughly deserves her retirement and to come as our team VIP to any games she so wishes.

Looking forward to updating my blogs again now. I know there are some out there who are always asking me when I will be posting new ones so they can follow my progress.

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