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Keeping my Eye in

After numerous weeks without darts as we know it, family, friends & colleagues the restrictions are slowly easing. Hopefully things will get back to some sort of normality soon & which of the 3 proposals for Grass roots darts will take us forward.

I am finding a slight Twinkle coming back & my love for the game returning slowly. Because of this I have started to play more darts from home. Glutton for punishment but mainly against men.

I have now entered into a local Premier league style competition with 12 other local men. I am still finding it frustrating to adapt sometimes but I have been having some great games & battles - specially in the super hot weather conditions we have been having of late.

I currently rank mid table in this league however trying to fit all the games in is quite hard because we all have something on. My gents have kindly been understanding at why I cannot make my Tuesday fixtures due to me playing Mixed Pairs with our own Chizzy Rascal.

Playing with Chizzy is quite nerve wracking especially when you are playing a world clas field of men & ladies. Names such as Lisa Ashton, Ricky Evans, Fallon Sherrock, Cameron Menzies, Lorraine Winstanley, Chris Dobey, Casey Gallagher, David Evans and last but no means least the fantastic Beau Greaves!

We have had some great games with little old me holding my own. In our first game I had not only my scoring but finishing boots on, checking out 3 or the 4 legs smoothly. But we were narrowly pipped when i wired double top for a 114 checkout by the Lancashire Rose Lisa & son in Law Rhys.

Online darts has now brought the world of darts to us - without the time away from families, the costs of flights & accomodation - but it does not have the same "buzz".

Our second attempts at Mixed pairs saw us draw the superb Rapid Ricky Evans & partner Stella Simms. Another great game with both of us gelling well together.

Our next game was a true battle. We had drawn a cracking pair in David Peacocke & Robyn Byrne. We knew we had to play. This game started off with us being 2 nil up however a much needed 180 from Robyn and some clinical finishing from David meant they were right back in it. The game was closer than the stats appeared. Alas we missed our doubles and they dd not.

I can't wait to get back to being able to be with actual people to play, hug, chat & laugh with but until then this will have to do.

Stay well, stay safe & see you all soon!!!

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