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I'm a Creature of habit - with more ups than downs

Realisation has finally hit with my continued participation in remote darts leagues and competitions just how much I am a creature of habit & routine. I have noticed more now what it is I do & need to do to prepare to play. When I don't do what I need this is reflected in my results.

I have noticed when playing pairs that I shouldn't over talk as it loses my focus and preparation mindset. Saying that myself & Chizzy have played some awesome opponents and despite always playing to win it is always played in good spirits with some nice friendly banter. We almost made remote darts history when playing the fantastic Beau Greaves & Shaun Matthews as we just missed a remote 9 dart leg. The fantastic average in this game showed that both players played their part and not just PDC player Chizzy.


I have been playing some decent games and my consistency is increasing. I always strive to have over a 65 average at least. However in the odd game (namely where I lose focus, have to wait or can't do my usual at least 20mins warm up I have found I falter.

Just recently Lancashire made online history by playing a friendly remote County game against Buckinghamshire. I had helped a couple of the Lancashire ladies get online & understand how to play remotely. It was a very stressful day as I had been quite unwell and had recently had a negative Covid result but also my internet was down for most of the day so I couldn't do what I had planned with fellow team mate Audrey Underwood. Audrey managed well and won all of her games - hopefully now she will continue to play online & maybe be a great practice partner for myself.

I was sharing my board with one of Lancashires most capped ladies Liz Akister. At the eleventh hour Liz broke down in her car but we still managed to get together and play.

Board sharing is good when you can help others however is quite pressured as no sooner has one game finished you're getting calls for your next opponent then the next game starts- thus not enabling me to follow my normal warm up routine. Both Liz and myself felt this at the end of the evening, we were both shattered.

This is quite evident in my mid 50 averages and 3 losses compared to my averages and results when playing remotely and following my ritualistic preparations.

I am feeling really happy with how I have been playing of late. Both my scoring and finishing are coming together. The fantastic ladies in the Top Gun promotions Premier League are really bringing the best out in me.

I am looking forward to the final week and to see whether I make any finals. If not I will go again & this time make sure I keep my good habits & preparations and lose the bad ones. Long may it continue!

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