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Getting myself out there

Friday 27th December saw me meet up with a fantastic local based media company Half Moon Bay Media. This media company provides information and promotion of all things local by using photography and podcasts.

We met up in Bar 1866 in Morecambe to sit and talk about my darts and achievements whilst also trying to promote myself once more, especially as ladies darts is very much in the limelight.

Big thanks to Ralph & John @ Half Moon Bay Media for making me feel so comfortable and I am looking forward to the upcoming podcasts - Especially Morecambes own Michael Jackson & much much more. If you would also like to follow this local up and coming media company you can via : &

I would also like to thank both Kev & Claire of 1866 for sponsoring the meet. I couldn't think of a better venue.

Sunday 29th December saw the annual Lloyd South Lakes MCC darts open. I went as defending ladies champ. I also entered the men's for extra practise. There some top names there including Chizzy, Wes Newton, Tony Newell & Diogo Portella.

It was a bit of a shaky start in both first games. Ladies saw me face Cat Handley. After a few stray darts I seized a 3.0 victory. The men's game was a different story. The heat in the main room was sweltering and the freestanding boards seemed slightly longer than that of the ladies board. I crashed out after wiring all my double opportunities.

Second round I faced my dear friend and darts mentor Anita Ward. Struggled to find the treble but managed to checkout my 3.0 victory well.

Third game I played Michaela Chisnall. Chizzy isn't the only dangerous darter in their household. Michaela is more than capable of rattling a few feathers. It was far from our best game and luckily for me Michaela was slightly darted out from a comp the previous day. I managed another 3.0 victory including a smooth 101 checkout. I was in the final again. This time against my close friend Bev Sherrington.

When I initially started out in darts Bev was always my bogie player. She would always stop me in my tracks however not today.

I finished the comp without losing a single leg. I also had a 14 darter as well as a 120 checkout to retain my title.

Things are on the up!

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