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First time for everything ...

Week 4 of Top Gun Promotions Premier league was the last games against the remaining ladies in the league before the turnabout 4 weeks - followed by finals week on 11th March for those in contention for top 10 places to play off to final 8.

My first time meeting and playing a poorly Tracy North led to a close but scrappy game ending up with a nice 3.2 win for me with a 64 average.

Game two was against my Cleveland Open partner & Women's series victor Eleanor Cairns. This game was far from how we can play. Eleanor is becoming one of my most dangerous bogie players. I just could not find the treble. Eleanor's gentle, polite & friendly spirit is quite the opposite to her game. She is most definately one to watch in the future and should never be underestimated!

Game three was against the 3 time World Champion Anastasia Dobromyslova. This was one of my hardest games ever! Ana struggled a little hitting the double. Against a world class player such as Ana, you need to seize these rare opportunities with both hands. With lady luck in my corner I took a 2 nil lead after a slip following my 120, into treble 19 from 199 to leave me with double 11. I knew I had to convert. Convert I did with a nice 14 dart leg.

Ana was still throwing awesomely steady darts with back to back tons and more and took leg 3. I needed to push on, needed to keep up my accuracy, confidence, momentum. After an amazing start by Ana in leg four, lady luck shone on me once more, as unfortunately for Ana she just wired her double. Leaving me able to take out one of the most nerve wracking 66's ever and end the game a 3.1 victor with an 80 average.

Game four was another Battle Royale against the fantastically in form Natalie Gilbert. This game went with throw all the way to the deciding leg. On this occasion it was myself who knocked up first in a nice 17 darts.

My fifth and final game was via McEvoy Darts stream against the fantastically talented Robyn Byrne. Robyn set off like a train, making use of the treble well. Unlike myself, I struggled to find the treble until the end of the second leg. You just cannot do this against a player of Robyns calibre. Taking the third leg in a smooth 17 darts I was finding the treble more consistently.

Alas a little to late. With myself sat in 58, Robyn swiftly took out double 12 in two darts to claim victory with almost a 74 average as opposed to my 69. With some of the hardest games done in this half of Top Guns Ladies Premier League. I managed to climb back up to 11th place and within touching distance of the qualifying 10th spot.

However this is where the " first time for everything " comes in.

Following being made redundant on New Years eve 2020 I wasn't expecting to get a job so soon due to the current pandemic and unemployment levels. However I managed to get the first job I had an interview for, with the NHS at my local hospital. This job means that I will be needed to work until 8.30pm each week day.

Anyone who truly knows me knows I am addicted to Darts! I do not quit! I never back down from a challenge, nor give up. However on this occasion it looks like I have no other option but to withdraw from the league at the half way point, where I have managed to play all of the lovely ladies at least once.

I am truly gutted as I will never know where I would've placed but I am going to play the majority of my week 5 / final fixtures (except the streamed game against Paula) so as not to cause to much change to the already advertised fixtures. I am massively devastated after previously winning the first premier league I played in, lost to the winner in the top 8 in the second league and this time not having the opportunities to right the wrongs from the first half of the games to see where I would've ended up.

I have truly enjoyed playing against all the lovely ladies in the league both in the current league and previous ones. Big thanks to Claire Stamper and Top Gun Promotions for providing the opportunity for myself and other dart mad ladies to continue competitive darts during lockdown. Thanks to Claire and all the ladies for sharing & promoting ladies darts week in, week out, Girl Power is Growing!

A huge thanks to David and Scott @ #Doubletroubledrinks for their belief and support. Although I may have had to withdraw from weekday/evening competitions, once things settle down I will be back playing weekend comps and hopefully backto County and back on the global Darts circuit!!!

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