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Early Czech out

After a long drive to Stansted we finally boarded the plane ready to fly to the most beautiful place to play darts - Prague.

WDF darts at the Oreo Pyramida is always going to be one of my most favourite competitions, just a shame it is only Silver ranked as the tournament always runs smoothly, the hotel are so accommodating and there is so much to do, aside from darting. If this event was gold ranked to event would be bursting with players, as I think it deserves.

Friday night chill. Myself and Kev (the Prague virgin) went over the The Shed. With beers from £1.50 and food from £3.00 we had a nice time meeting new people and having a laugh like always. It was not quite on the same level as 3 years ago, but still enjoyable nevertheless.

Saturday was the Silver ranked event. I felt good apart from it was sooo hot in the Ladies room. I don't need any tropical moments just yet.... But it felt like we got them ( which was quite the contrast to the bitterly cold, snowy weather outside ) The pull in my arm was non-existent. I breezed through my first game with a quick 4.0 result.

After about a 90 min break I set off up for game too. Again I felt hot, but good. The game started off well but first leg ended in me wiring the doubles instead of hitting them. I soon found myself 2.0 down as my Czech opponent pummeled the treble 19s and pinged her double without worry. I managed to claw on leg back with some great scoring but that was it. Czech mate! But not for me.

Losing it the last 32 was a tad disappointing, especially as I really needed some points but as people say, darts is a funny old game. I was justifyabley beaten by the better player, I just had to suck it up.

There's nothing better to boost spirits than going into Prague itself. Seeing the fantastic status, the Palace, the architecture and smelling all the street foods, as well as sampling a few beers. It was as beautiful this year as it has always been, and yes, still and cold brrrrr!

Sunday was pairs day. Playing again with Paula Jacklin, I felt we had an excellent chance of going far. Alas, that was not to be either. We played a couple of Czech ladies whose pace was completely different to ours. After a nervey first leg (which we really should have taken - but didn't) we found that nothing was going our way. When our darts went astray they hit treble 1 and treble 5, but when our opponents darts strayed they went in double top and treble 18 etc. We could all do with some luck from time to time but in this game we didn't get much. We dug in and clawed it back from 3.1 down to bring it level at 3.3. The final leg was just like the first, we tried upping our pace to get to our own rhythm. It was a case of whomever hit the last double.

Sat on 20 I placed 3 darts along the wire, so close but yet so far. If any of the richochets I'd got in previous legs would've happened here we would've been through, but instead they richoceted away. Our opponents calmly stepped up to hit double 7 to knock us out. It was a hard fought battle and we were not victorious this time.

A poor darting weekend for me this year but I still love the comp and the place.

I really need to get some hard practise in before the World Masters in December or it will be yet more time and money wasted.

A final fling from me is needed to hopefully play at the Iconic Lakeside World championships again then I reckon it is time to step back a little. We'll see how things go.

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