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Duckin Darts - new sponsor alert

October saw me head back to Belgium, to the Belfry Darts Competition. What a contrast to my last time in Belgium. This time glorious weather and a fabulously run, hassle free comp.

After an 10 hour journey we arrived at our hotel. We had a quick freshen up before heading down to the Templehof sport centre for Lady's pairs.

This time I played with a fantastically talented young lady Erin Van Wijgerden. Normally new partnerships take time to settle however not this one. I felt totally at ease and I am sure this was mirrored by Erin. We both played some fantastic darts and even had a little in team bet on who would hit the most doubles between us (Erin won this... Only just haha). We were beaten in the Ladies pairs final by Adriana Van Wijgerden-Vermaat (Erin's mum) and Noa Lyn Van Leuven.

After such a long day travelling and then playing until 11.30pm, so being awake for 22 hours I was shattered. I really needed to sleep, and sleep I did - well for 6 hours before I had to get up for the first of the Ladies Silver WDF ranked competitions.

Still a little tired I had a nightmare miscount in game one which almost ended my darting day before it had really began but I hit the winning double - lady luck was truly on my side here. Game two saw me take a convincing 4.1 victory. Into the last 16 I went, playing some great darts including a 16 dart leg, but fatigue set in and I felt that I had nothing left in the tank for my last game.

Despite being happy with my overall performances and thriving on the positives, my arm became heavy. I dug in deep but it wasn't enough and I was knocked out of the first ranking comp.

The earlyish finish on the Saturday meant I could go back to the hotel and truly relax and refresh ready for the final silver ranked event on the Sunday. But perhaps I relaxed to much.

A bye in to the next round meant I could have a little lie in. By the time I got down to the venue the games had already started so to practice you just had to board hop on to any vacant board.

My first game on the Sunday was a total mixed bag, some awesome darts, including a 14 dart leg and then some darts that just did not find their mark. With scores level at 3.3 I fell just short of double top to claim victory. A montage of misses from both players dragged what was a truly magnificent game (very few scores under 80) into the doldrums. No matter how I tried I just could not ping that double, darned wires. My opponent then stepped up and wrapped up a very tight game meaning a Last 32 loss for me.

Darts is such a funny game. I played so well in spurts. The darts felt so natural but then so unnatural. At least I have things to work on before my last 2 WDF competitions in Killarney and Lakeside before I take a new direction in Darts.

I now have just 2 Lakeside sponsorship patches available on my Lakeside shirt. A massive thanks to :

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