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Denmark - Delayed, Denied & Dodgy Doubles

After almost 3 years it was time for me to head back to Denmark for the Gold ranked Denmark Open and Silver ranked Denmark Masters. I have previously loved Denmark and despite my results I still do! This is definitely still one of my favourite events.

Meeting up with all my darting pals at Manchester airport and fighting our way through the huge crowds and queues we were soon hit with a 3 hour delay. Normally delays do not bother me. However at this time of a night and being awake over 19 hours, with a further one hour transfer at the other side it meant that our party weren't likely to get more than 3 hours sleep before we had to head to the venue to register for the main Gold ranked event.

Saturday, tiredly, we all headed to the Granly Hockey Arena to start our games. My game was certainly not one to be played first, and on 3 hours of sleep. I had to muster all I could to focus and play against Norwegian professional darts player Rachna David.

My first game was extremely tight. The last thing I wanted was for it to go all the way. But all the way it went. Flagging at the end, I wired 3 match darts. My run in the Open event had barely started and yet it was over.

After a few hours relaxing and taking in some Danish culture ( and bedroom karaoke with Anca ) it was time for sleep to make sure I was bright eyed and bushy tailed for my second attempt to get some ranking points. Refreshed and raring to go we had another early start heading to the venue. Today was a better day. I played more consistently.

As you can see...yet again I ran into Rachna. Despite hitting 180's and 177 the dodgy doubles cost me again. My Danish adventure ended in the last 8.

During Denmark there were certainly some exciting & heart racing moments. There were Twinkles of brilliance but these were some what offset by the missed doubles. However I had managed to come away with some prize money and a few ranking points which shouldn't have to much of a detrimental affect on my current WDF world ranking.

Darts isn't all about the winning for me. Of course it is why we do it, to challenge ourselves to be the best at every game however it is also about the people. I spent the weekend with a fab group who supported each other and made sure that when travelling alone I was ok. You meet many players on the circuit but times like these are just as precious as the win as you get to know who these people really are.

However these people ( no names mentioned ) also take the opportunity to take your phone whilst you aren't there haha. Feel free to see who they were as I've added their pictures in my Gallery ( serves you all right ) haha.

Bring on the next. 4 countries in 3 weeks - Wales is next port of call.

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