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Darts in Denmark - Apr 2023

The first double headed WDF competition for me, and this one took me back to the beautiful Esbejg town for one of the very few WDF Gold ranked events, along with a Silver.

After quite a trek from my home city of Lancaster down to Stansted airport and following the hour long transfer I finally arrived. Following a short walk around to re acquaint myself, an early night was calling so that I was fresh and ready for the main Gold ranked competition on Saturday Morning.

I set off well in my first game taking out a nice 138 finish and ending on a high with a 107 average leg! I played such a talented and dangerous young player called Iselin Hauen, whom I had never heard of. This just proved to me that you can never underestimate any opponent, you just have to focus and play your own game and see it off as soon and accurately as you can.

I then faced Scottish International player Lynsey Ward. Yet another tough game, against another fantastic opponent. Despite Lynsey setting off like a train, I managed to stay with her before mounting a comeback of my own and moving a step further, into the last 16 and to the guaranteed World Championship spot in 2024.

I then came up against a fantastic German lady called Monique Lessmeister. No matter what I threw at her, she seemed to have a better counter and thus I ended my Golden Ticket run in the last 16.

After a nice walk back from the venue to my hotel (taking in the sights and scenery as I went) it was a case of food and relax, ready for the Silver event on the Sunday. I was determined to go one better.

Day 2 was no easier than the first day when it came to female darting talent. In fact, on paper I would say the Sunday would be classed as a harder day. However, I just took one game at a time and it all started with my good friend Donna Gleed.

Donna and I have played on a handful of occasions and it had always been that Donna came out on top. I was determined not to let this happen again. Our first game of the day was somewhat scrappy compared to how we both can play, but on this occasion it was myself who came out the victor.

I managed to ride my luck against Suzan Konings, I could feel the fatigue setting in to my arm but by pure grit and determination, I hit the winning double of the deciding leg. This then took me on to my next awesome opponent in Laura Turner.

Both Laura and myself haven't really taken part in many of the competitions so far this year, in fact this was only Laura's second comp. Despite this Laura was a very formidable opponent, very straight and accurate and stormed in to what seemed like an unassailable lead. It was a very close game, in patches. It had us both digging in as hard as we could. It was just a matter of wires and doubles to decide this game, and on this occasion it was myself who came off better.

In to the last 8 I went. I now had to face the fantastic Rhian O'Sullivan again. I last faced Rhian in the PDC Womens Series. There were similarities there to our meeting here in Denmark. Our PDC meeting came after my victorious virgin victory and brilliant battle with Aileen De Graf. Similarly, here I faced Rhian within 5 mins of my big battle with Laura. But this is darts, you have to be ready and armed to face your next opponent at any time.

Rhian is not only a scoring machine but a finishing maestro! I only managed to take 1 leg in our Danish game but was well and truly beaten. Rhian went on to be crowned the Denmark Masters Champion later that afternoon. It doesn't hurt as much losing to the champ.

I am taking the 47 World ranking points and the positives forward to Wales next weekend, then again, on to the PDC the weekend after. Its all coming thick and fast again now which is tiring but exciting all the same.

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