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Chasing my Dream.....

After a Lancashire win against Northamptonshire I felt happy to have gained a point for the Red Army. I wasn't happy at all with my performance. I am still struggling with the weight of my darts versus my 5 stone weight loss I have persevered using my trusty darts but this may have to change once there is a break in the competitions. if anyone knows any reliable darts makers then please drop me a message or inbox as 'd like to have my darts cloned, but at a lesser weight.

On my birthday weekend we headed to Bridlington for the 46th British Open and England Trials. Was great to see more faces I hadn't seen for ages.

The England trials meant an early start for me. I played quite well and managed to get into the last 8 ladies. Only to be knocked out by the trials eventual winner Lorraine Winstanley. It was a close match which yet again saw me bow out on missed chances.

Although the amount of England trials entries were relatively low I still played some great opponents and took inspiration from my results.

The first competition - The British Classic saw me fall yet again to the fantastic Fallon Sherrock. Whom, due to seedings I would meet in the board finals if I got to them. My game with Fallon was again a tough game. The 4.0 scoreline does not show how close it actually was.

I went out of the British open in the last 32. The weekend overall gave me an additional 30 World Ranking points to keep my 20 + year dream and aspirations of playing at Lakeside alive. Moving myself up to 9th overall in the UK/Ireland Women.

However, the race to Lakeside only counts if you are in the top 24 ladies. With a little uncertainty whether major events are going to come off before the cut off date of December 4th 2021 ( Wales, Killarney ). The additional 30 ranking points has seen me move up in the rankings to 20th in the WDF overall.

My dream is within touching distance. I just need to keep plodding on and hope my inconsistencies with my darts resolve themselves miraculously!

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