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Carpe Diem

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Following an agonising few months as the "standby" lady for the WDF World Championships and after narrowly missing out, in the same position as the last one at the O2 I hadn't held out much hope. I had resigned myself to the fact it wasn't to be but was even more determined to have a better start to the 2022 season than ever before.

Following the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and matters which were out of everyones control I finally got the invite to participate at the Iconic Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green.

As many people know to play on the same iconic stage as all the darting legends, has been my dream since first watching darts back in the early 1980's. Watching the concentration and focus of Trina Gulliver along with the pomp a ceremony of the King of Bling Bobby George I was determined to play the game and to try to emulate my idols.

The WDF invitation was received with mixed emotions as this was not the way I thought I would get in. There was such a wave of sadness for me knowing great players such as Anastasia and Elena were not able to compete. However after deep reflection of all scenarios I came to the conclusion I just could not turn it down. Seize the Day as no one knows what is going to happen in the future. Also I was sure the next person in the rankings would snap up the offer.

With my heart going out to the players whom are not able to compete I had to accept I had worked hard to end 18th in the World rankings and that after all time, money and effort I had put in I had rightly earned my place.

Heading out to the IOM Festival of Darts knowing that I could not say anything until all was finalised was torture. I had a job to do and to continue to add ranking points to my England

and World rankings.

The Isle of Man competition didn't start all that well for me as, not long after the Ferry crossing and checking into my hotel I had to go and play in what was, which I thought, the warm up - money in & out competition. Not dressed in my usual darting attire I went to have a steady warm up for the two ranking event which this competition was offering. However after going out first round I found out that it was, in fact the Silver ranking event. Gutted there was nothing I could do about it. I had to let it go and focus on the rest of my games.

Friday saw me partnering "Shaggy" Antony Allen. Beating some great pairs we ended up narrowly missing out in the Semi Finals to the fabulous Deta Hedman and Neil Duff. We played some good darts and my scoring and finishing was on point.

Saturday saw the Gold ranked event. I got my revenge in this event beating the fantastically talented young lady darter Amy Evans - as she has knocked me out in the previous Silver ranked comp. After a heavy scoring quarter final between myself and Scotlands Lorraine Hyde I narrowly missed out and ended up losing in the last 8 ladies but gaining 30 more world ranking points.

Sunday was the final day of darts with my fellow Lancashire team member and Captain Ally Smith. After an edgy first game, better second we then faced another of our County team mates Dawn Shaw, with her partner Zoe Holland. This game went all the way in the quarters with them just pinging in the final double to win. They went on to win the Ladies pairs over all. Well done to them.

It was fantastic to get back on to the island and see lots of my darting family but my focus now is ahead to fulfilling my life long dream of playing at Lakeside. I play Suzanne Smith at 9.40pm on Saturday 2nd April in what should be a very closely matched game.

If anyone would like to book tickets for the games please drop me a message for how to book or just follow this link:

Big thanks to everyone who have snt me well wishes and congratulation and to those whom are rallying round to try to get me support. It would be fantastic for you to come and support myself and the other players whom are keeping their darting dreams alive.

Twinkling On To Lakeside

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