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Antwerp anarchy

Eagerly looking forward to getting back on the WDF circuit, I set off as planned to get. My train to take me on my first leg to Antwerp in Belgium for the double Silver World Ranked event. Little did I know what was to come!

First off my early morning train was cancelled giving me just over 8 hours notice. The contingency plan in place meant my partner had to take a couple of hours off work to drive me to the airport to catch my flight to Antwerp

Myself and travel buddies then proceeded to have hire car issues, parking problems and apartment disappointments but we still couldn't wait to play darts!

Arriving at the Royal Yacht club venue was such a contrast to last year. The weather last year was beautiful with clean, mobile van toilets, however this time it was quite cold, very wet and to our amazement 10 portaloos with 2 centralised open air, men's round urinals. Needless to say no one wanted to go to the toilet because you were able to see everything that was left by the person before. Also it wasn't very pleasant for the Youth darters having to walk past the open air men using urinals.

Surely the darts would be better? Yes they were. Once we finally got going I had to wait until 2.30pm for my first game but unfortunately she did not want to play me - I was given a walkover.

My next game was very tough and very tight. I threw some magical darts, thus renewing my own confidence. Alas I fell at the final hurdle after missing 1 match dart to lose 3.4. Back in to the ranking points nevertheless.

We had some time to let our hair down at one of Antwerp's best karaoke bars before heading back to Fawlty towers we went for a well earned rest before the 2nd day of darts.

Day 2 went better than the first. At least this time I actually had an opponent straight away, rather than having to wait until 4pm to start playing. Day 2 found me going that one further round. Narrowly missing out on a last 8 spot by missing 2 match darts against darting legend Irina Armstrong.

I seem to be getting out of the blocks really quickly and consistently but when it comes to crossing the finishing line, I appear to stumble. Perhaps I am trying to hard to close it out?This is what happened to me on both days losing my games 3.4 in final leg shoot outs. This is something I am going to focus on.

Leaving Belgium with 22 world ranking points in the bank and returning back home to continue with yet more darts in the MCC panel darts comp. I was the only lady to qualify in amongst a very talented field of men including Wez Newton, Tony Newell and Callum Goffin.

My first game was against a very strong darter Aaron Burrows. I continued my usual form by storming into a 3.1 lead but Aaron pushed back. He hit a sweet 180 at the crucial time and a nice 120 checkout to pip me and take the victory. Win or lose it's all practise and experience.

We a renewed belief in my own abilities I am looking forward the the next WDF darts double header in a weeks time. Sweden here I come.

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