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Aiming to raise my game

After a few inconsistent results and me being left baffled and frustrated..... How could I average almost 80 one game and then 57 the next? Needless to say I was not only confused but losing confidence in my game. I decided to take positive action and talk about how I was feeling to my family (my biggest supporters) They wanted to help me to do something about it, rather than just putting up with it, so they arranged me to go and have a coaching session. I will forever be thankful to them. Thank You!!

Some people feel asking for help is a sign of weakness and shame. I however, feel it is a sign of strength and determination. Who better to help me tweak my game and re-ignite my passion and my game than the very down to earth, Premier League darts Champion Glen Durrant.

I can honestly say I was more nervous meeting Glen than I was making my Lakeside debut but within minutes of meeting him, being warmly welcomed in to his "office" that soon vanished.

Glen just let me do my own thing initially and watched to see what areas I could potentially work on to raise my game even higher. One was belief and confidence as I don't seem to take compliments and praise easily... And there was plenty of that from the Champ.

Going all the way back to basics then on to top players practises my time with Glen passed quickly. (They do always say time flies when you're having fun) and fun it was, hard work but fun!

With a short practise of a throwing tweak Glen handed me a set of darts I had never used before and I hit 3 x 100 back to back. Continuing the practises I was asked to hit 1 bullseye in 3 darts. I ONLY WENT AND HIT 3! I felt amazing, it felt so smooth!

I am not normally one to have a practise routine, I normally just practise by scoring then with the odd checkout but I am soo looking forward to actually making a proper practise routine to use before games now.

I am not used to practise games and some of them I fell flat on my face with, but it will only spur me on because I don't like not being able to do things.

I left Glen's home with a rejuvenated feel for my game. I know I have the game and with his knowledge, experience and support I am sure it will only benefit my game more. There is always something to learnt in life and darts, and I certainly learnt lots in the short space of time there.

For anyone who plays darts, whether they are just starting out or are at the top of their game there are still lessons to be learnt and to be learning them with such an ace, genuine Champ such as Glen is an honour.

For anyone looking at tweaking your game I can highly recommend:

Maintaining the tweaks is the hard part (oh, and accepting compliments and praise haha ) but I will see how I goes at the Scottish Open. Slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

Starting at Scottish was good. I tried to just get through my first game but following and remembering everything I had been told, got through I did, quite smoothly.

So, what had changed? I know I have the game, know I can hit the trebles and the finishes. 3 x BOUNCE OUTS at crucial times didn't help. I had a few in game 2 and they cost me dear. Taking nothing away from Tracy, she played more consistently and deserved the win.

On to pairs tomorrow and to knuckle down at the consistency going forward. Hitting the practise board once I'm home ready to work hard and tweak my game for the PDC women's series. It's not going to be easy but I thrive on the challenge.

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