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Mixed Emotions

Thursday 15th August saw the Morecambe mob all pack up and head off after the last games in Morecambe Premier League to Stanstead Airport so we could attend Swedish Open in Malmo.

In the premier league I faced league A's front runner and undefeated Stuart Holden. I needed to win to stay in the running for qualification. It was a much closer game than most expected ( even myself ). After steady scoring, three 140's and 180 I missed a crucial 2 darts to take the draw. I lost 5.3. Gone were my chances of qualifying but I can hold my head up with pride to say I am more than a match for the men.

Do I stay in the mens next season or go back to the ladies? We will see.

Happy with how I'd played and knowing I was up in the top 10 men we set off on the 6 hour drive down the country. Once landed in Copenhagen we then took a train across land and into Malmo, Sweden. Our fantastic Scandic Triangulan hotel was just a stone's throw from the rail station. We arrived in plenty of time to relax and have a little power nap.

The LDO singles competition started abruptly as we thought it started later than it did, therefore we had to start playing with very little practise. I won my first game against old nemesis Kirsi Vlinkainen 4.2 with some steady darts and finishing. My next game against Vicki Pruim was set to be a belter. We always have close games. First leg started slowly but the game quickly stepped up through the gears with Vicki storming into a commanding 3.1 lead. Battling on I pulled it back to 3.3. Who would hit the decisive double....?

Vicki hit the winning double and turned to shake my hand looking like I felt, exhausted. It was a truly great game of cat and mouse with both hitting great scores at the right times. Even though I had lost it took a great player and lady to beat me.

Saturday saw the Swedish Open. I had a bye in the first round before winning my next game 4.1. Upon checking the draw I found, yet again, I was to face Vicki Pruim. Our second clash wasn't as epic however it was still very evenly matched. Again Vicki took victory but this time 4.2. There are some games which challenge you and some that don't. Playing Vicki will always be a challenge and I'm sure one day victory will be mine but I will need to work for it.

With a couple of months to go for the race to the Worlds at the O2 annual leave and finances are becoming extremely limited. ( if indeed non existent ) Hopefully I will be able to see the season out and see the fruits of my labours over the past 18 months. If anyone knows where money trees grow please let me know.

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