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Success and struggles

Wednesday 12th June saw the culmination of the local ladies Morecambe league. This is the night all the teams come together to be presented with their trophies and have a good old knees up. This years venue was The Gordon Club. A huge room along with a fantastic buffet and great priced drinks meant only one thing... a good night was to be had by all.

Once again our team Smokies Bandits spent the majority of the presentation up on the stage. Collecting both individual and team trophies. Again this year I retained my Outstanding Player and Singles champion trophies. I narrowly missed out on the ton up cup due to a baron scoring spell at the beginning of the season. I also hit my second ever 170 check out playing a lovely local lassie however due to how busy the cup match was it was missed. Irrespective of how it was missed it can never be taken away from me.

With barely any match practise, other than the men's local premier league I headed off to England Open in Selsey. First game following a bye was with an extremely lethal opponent called Natalie Gilbert. Natalie had already had a match to warm up and adjust to the boards unlike myself. I tried to practise on the boards provided but did struggle somewhat due to the amount of players using them. It took me a short while to find my mark. I threw some good darts but Natalie was totally focussed and threw awesome ones back at me. Ending the game and my challenge in the last 64 by taking out 88 on the bull! I cannot argue with that.

Saturday saw the second singles competition. I managed to get through to the last 32. I had drawn the current champ Mikuru Suzuki. We had a good game. I was with her all the way. I was first to the double in the first leg however the scoring machine decided to go very wrong. We had to halt the game briefly whilst someone had to come over to rectify. Once the game resumed Mikuru appeared to have stepped up another gear. I managed to take one leg but ending up second best with a 4.1 loss. Selsey was a mixed bag of darts from me, some great darts 15 dart leg, then some not so great busting a 132.

Everything is getting quite tight now in the race for Lakeside with points going on and off players rankings. I don't appear to be to badly hit as I didn't do very many competitions last year. Next comp is the LDO ladies comp in Lincolnshire where all the talented ladies of darts will get together and have a jolly time playing the sport we all love.

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