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Mixing it with the Morecambe Prem Men

May saw the start of Morecambe annual Premier League darts tournament. This league features both mens and ladies battling it out week after week to try to qualify for finals night and big money. After winning the ladies a few years on the bounce, last year I decided that in order to raise my game I needed a new challenge, also longer formats. So I decided to enter the mens league. I'd be getting more darts for my registration fee. More darts and exposure equals more experience.

By choosing the mens league I had to relinquish my ladies title and potentially any chance of prize monies when entering their league. I did manage to qualify last year however did not get to the money stages. However I created a few upsets along the way. The men now know what to expect when they play me this year.... and that I am not going to be any walk over.

My first game saw me play a great darter & bloke in Stuart Collingwood. We had an epic battle last year which I felt I should've won but Stuart ended up victorious. With more experience from the BDO circuit, more poise and focus this year meant I could manage my emotions more. I kept a clear head and had my revenge beating him in an excellent game from both, 5.3. I scored 6 x 140 during the game.

My second game saw me take on my nephew and fellow BDO circuit & PDC youth player Callum Goffin. For some strange reason I could not relax. My darts were not going where I was wanting. Callum didn't have things all his own way but took victory 6.2. Within our group of 17 there are some opponents you know are going to be tougher to beat than others and week 3 was no exception.

This week I faced BDO circuit veteran and my former practise brother The Conman - Mick Connerton. I won the bull and stormed off into a 2 nil lead. Despite throwing all I had, my brother soon pulled it back to 2.2. He then took the lead 3.2. I had again been playing so well. I was cool and calm and once again the treble twenties just flew in. The game was pretty even all the way. It went to the deciding leg where I missed 2 darts at double to get a point for a draw ( which against Mick would be a fantastic achievement ) However it was not to be and Mick put me out of my misery with his first dart. Another loss but this time 5.3. It may be a loss but at least I am getting legs and showing these men I am competition for them. I also hit another 6 x 140's.

None of the men in my group are walkovers and I need to take the fact that neither am I into my games going forward. I feel they are more nervous playing me than I will be playing them. Onto week four and yet another tough opponent, but we'll see how I fair. Either way it's all good practise for the up and coming Selsey.


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