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When I first started playing local league darts I never realised that darts is truly for all and that even " normal " people can play further afield. I used to watch players like Bobby George and Trina Gulliver play and dream...what if?

My addiction started with Superleague. Traveling far and wide over the massive Lancashire county to challenge my own abilities against other passionate and dedicated lovers of our sport. After a few years playing superleague I realised there was even more opportunity to travel and challenge oneself further still with County darts. When I first got the call I thought it was a friend making a prank call. However 48 games later I am well and truly a Red Rose.

Through my seasons playing for Lancashire I have had lots of tremendous experiences and games ( 81.99 & 90.18 ave ) as well as tears and heartbreak ( missing opportunity to play my Idol at County & Coach crash ). I have met lots of people I class as true friends. These people support me by providing me help, advice and guidance and sometimes believing in me more than I believe in myself.

27th & 28th April saw the final games in the BICC leagues. Some teams fighting for victory whilst others fighting to not be relegated to lower divisions. Lancashires Red Army were again taking on the mighty White Rose of Yorkshire for not only the overall BICC title but both our men's teams having the potential of taking both A & B team titles. Our ladies games were close all weekend both A and B team managing 3.3 draws setting our lads in good stead for their games.

All of the Yorkshire squad are tough adversaries, there are no easy draws. However this weekend I had the mis fortune of being drawn against the Awesome Beau Greaves. Beau is most definitely one to be watched and a star of the future and a lovely, genuine young lady. With her confidence brimming from her recent amazing England youth averages and her recent 9 dart leg, I knew I had to bring my best. On this occasion my best was not good enough. The way that Beau played I doubt any of the ladies from either squad would've come close to beating her. Alas, I wasn't able to give Lancashire a well needed point.

Unfortunately our B team men didn't manage to continue their unbeaten streak and take the B team titles however our A team showed their most determined and passionate performance I have ever seen. Beating Yorkshire men 8.4. And winning Lancashire the title everyone wants..Men overall A team winners of BICC. The last time Lancashire managed this was 17 yrs ago.

Whilst not everyone were victorious, not everyone is up on the stage throwing darts we are a team both on and off the oche. Every person in our squad has added to our experiences, games and points earned in the season. This culminated in the closest of results with a 19.17 result overall to Yorkshire and with Lancashire taking the prized mens A team prize. I am looking forward to next season. We are getting closer every season! Maybe next year.....?

I can see how my game has grown, I also hear it from others and am humbled with the fact people know who I am. I will continue to learn from every experience, be it good or bad. I would like to thank Dave and Marie from St Thomas Club Wigan for helping me with County sponsorship this season. Hopefully I will be able to continue both County and BDO circuit however it is very financially straining doing both when you are mostly self funding. Something may have to give.

Irrespective of what happens going forward I will try to continue this season's BDO circuit crossing each bridge as I come to it. I have made some fantastic lifelong friends, had fantastic experiences and long may these continue. BDO continues with Denmark next weekend. More points needed. Watch this space

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