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Twinkle in Wunderland

11th April saw the Morecambe mob head back to Kalker in Germany for the German Double header. We stayed in a different guesthouse this time which was lovely but nothing on the prevous year @ Neinhouse.

Sat 13th saw the Bulls Darts Open. Feeling very relaxed I cruised my way to the board final. I won the board final to get into the last 16 ladies taking out a cool 12 dart leg whilst previous winner Aileen De Graff marked. In winning the board final I also won a head to head with Dutch darts ace Aileen. Never before have I managed to get close however this time I held my own. I still came out second best but Aileen offered some lovely word of encouragement in how she has seen my game grow since I started on the tour. Aileen then went on to win the Open so I didn't feel to bad losing to the overall winner.

Sunday 14th saw the start of the German Masters comp. My first game was at 10am. I won that 4.1 and proceeded to follow the German governing body by Winners marking. It had been broadcast that it would be winner mark just for the initial round however this never changed. It caused a lot of stress and strain to players as there was very little time after winning because you had to be there ready to mark the next game.

I had won my 2nd game as was marking the next however they had only given me 30 minutes to do so before I was due to play again. This second game I was marking went all the way to a 4.3. I had not been able to get to control 10 mins before my game, nor had I been able to practice and warm up as I usually do before each game. I was quite panicked with the fear that they would scrub me (as they had threatened the previous year when I was given a walk over then told to return and play some 40 mins later or be removed from the full competition)

Rushing to control once my marking was done they advised I had to go to play. I stood firm and advised they need to at least let me go to the bathroom. Frustrated and rushing I went to the board. The board was well behind I started playing when I was far from relaxed and this led to my demise. I lost 3.4.

We left our initial accommodation and had to relocate for the last night to somewhere nearer the airport. All hotels were very clean however extremely expensive. I had to pay 9 euros 70 for a vodka & soda water (pint). Whilst the Wunderland venue was huge it too was also very expensive being charge 2,50 Euros for Half pint lager, Cola or even Water I felt was extortionate. It was far from my best competition and I feel I should have done better but it is all a learning curve. I will see about bettering this next year. Hopefully they will also take on board the comments of the darters.

Feel free to have a look at the 2 latest rabbit additions in my Gallery.

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