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Thee end is nigh

27th & 28th April sees the final matches in the 2018/19 County Season. With some teams fighting to stay up in the premier division and some trying to take the title of Champions.

Yet again it will be between Lancashire & Yorkshire the top two team of the premier division. War of the Roses 2019!

This is the pinnacle with all the Red Army's effort culminating in this final match. This year will be the tightest ever as Lancashire has had some fantastic result and shown tremendous team spirit and bonding throughout the season. There are fantastic players on both sides but darts is a funny old's all on the day.

With only 7 points separating the Roses teams it is poised to be a very emotional and exciting end to the season. If anyone wants to come along and support the Red Rose then feel free for just £4 admission for both days play.

With the county season ending the BDO circuit tour continues with games coming up in Germany, Denmark & Wales but to name a few. So far this season I have attended a couple more but due to finances I have to choose my comps wisely. I am the highest I have ever been in the BDO current seasonal ranking.....but STILL not made the top 10.

I am not disheartend though as to be up there with all the top ladies of world darts is truly an honour. I am still quite new to all the touring and have made great progress. I am looking forward to continuing to do so.

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