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Tries in West Fries

Thursday 14th March saw 5 of the Morecambe mob set off yet again on the longest journey to Holland. Setting off in the early hours to head down for a 5 hour drive to Dover for the ferry to Dunkirk. Once in Dunkirk we had a quick brew and breakfast and started the drive through Belgium up into Holland.

We had booked ourselves into a lovely, peaceful self contained 3 bedroomed chalet. What amazing accommodation. Even with the high winds of storm Hannah the structure stayed intact, even if the winds were scary sounding. Tired from the journey we didn't make the pairs competition. We stayed in, had food and laughs before a nice early night.

Saturday saw the first singles competition of the weekend. A fantastically huge venue with lots of facilities for darters and followers alike. My first game was 4.0 against a fairly new debutant to darts. I struggled to relax and play due to the spacings between the boards with players coming off different ways.

Being a " lefty " can cause problems as naturally I would retrieve my darts and walk off the to the right of the oche. However as all the ladies games seemed to be being played on 4 boards side by side ( would've been better spacing the boards out in such a gigantic venue with so many spare boards ) and the fact the other ladies to the right of me were coming off to the left side,., I went against my natural game and went off to the left. The ladies on the board next to me may as well have walked back up on my oche as I was stepping up to throw each time.

I had the Heart of Darts Deta Hedman next round. I needed to try to let this go so I could fully concentrate. I just couldn't get things out of my head. Despite doing all I could I didn't play my natural game. Deta did what she does best and effortlessly ended my charge. Defeated 1.4 in last 16. Needed to move on to Sunday. Not such a Twinkley game.

Sunday's singles saw me get through my first game 4.0 and second game 4.1 against the fabulous Kathy Geerhaerts. I felt much more relaxed and comfortable coming off my natural way. Sometimes you have to be selfish and play your game and not to try to please or make it easier for others but not oneself.

In the last 8 I had Deta yet again. Whilst playing I heard the ladies on the board next to me briefly mentioning the ways to come off because I was going off the same way as them. It didn't impede either game but I do feel that where there is such space it would be better allowing more space for any player so they can all naturally play their own way without breaking their flow or rhythm.

A better game this time from us, if anything I was trying to hard to find the trebles. Deta was victorious yet again 4.1 and went on to add another championship title to her already awe inspiring list. I strive to be as consistent and accurate as this lovely lady. Gracious, respectful and kind both on and off the oche. After losing 7 points in IOM I have managed to pick them back up and then some more on top, plus 105 Euros. The Euros will come in handy for the German open in a few weeks.

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